Codex Lore #22 – Birth of the Dread Masters


Before becoming The Dread Masters, Bestia, Brontes, Tyrans, Styrak, Calphayus and Raptus were six Sith Lords that were tasked by Emperor Vitiate to research and master the effects of the Phobis Devices.

Emperor Vitiate had been failing on his mission to keep Revan immortal whilst he broke his mind. Unwilling to use the untamed Phobis Devices, he sent the six Sith Lords to the planet of Oricon, far from the hidden Sith worlds in order to master them.
The Phobis Devices were ancient Sith Relics that were constructed as pyramid-shaped Holocrons, containing raw dark-side energy, activating a single Phobis Device was capable of unleashing waves of cosmic horror and fear upon the galaxy.

The Six Sith Lords spent an unknown period of time on Oricon, putting all their energy into mastering the Phobis Devices. Once they had accomplished their task, they returned to Dromund Kaas, having rebirthed themselves as The Dread Masters, in the succession of mastering the ancient Sith Relics. It was during this time that The Dread Masters now called Oricon their home, and had the Sith Emperor send thousands of slaves to construct the Dread Fortress, a castle designed in their image.

Upon arrival on Dromund Kaas, Emperor Vitiate confiscated one of the Phobis Devices, known as the “Phobis Core” and sealed it away, still active, within the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas.
The Dread Masters would then disappear into seclusion together on Dromund Kaas, only re-emerging to directly speak with the Emperor himself or gather supplies, strengthening their force powers to each other through force-bonding and unity.

Centuries later, during the early days of the Cold War, the Dread Masters were stationed aboard an Imperial Dreadnaught. This allowed them to roam the Galaxy as needed, reaping fear and horror with their unified powers.
That would be until Jedi Knight Jaric Kaedan and a Republic Special Forces Division lead an operation aboard the Dreadnaught, where they successfully captured the Dread Masters and destroyed the ship.

Leaking a false report back to the Empire in order to make the Emperor and Dark Council believe all the Dread Masters had died, the Jedi imprisoned them in stasis on Belsavis, a secret Prison-Colony planet that isolated the Republic’s worst criminals.

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The Phobis Devices – Codex Entry Dromund Kaas

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