Dxun Geonosian Queen Easter-Egg

Mutant Geonosian Queen Dxun Nature of Progress

The Mutant Geonosian Queen first appeared in the Jedi Under Siege update on Ossus, in the Hive of the Mountain Queen lair as the Boss. It is believed that she was created when Darth Malora used the force as well as gene-splicing to infuse the organs of a Geonosian Queen into the body of a Colicoid on Ossus.

Eventually a Strike Team (player characters) would enter the Mountain lair and eradicate hundreds of her spawn before finally killing the Mutant Geonosian Queen herself.

The same Update also brought a new load of Secret achievements known as “Cipher Books” across the Galaxy, where players would travel around Dantooine, Rishi and Ossus to find books left behind and hidden by a mysterious entity known as the Cipher.

Over a year later during the release of Onslaught, players are able to travel to Dxun to investigate a Czerka Facility in the Nature of Progress Operation. In Dxun, it was soon revealed that there were 5 new Cipher books to be found scattered in far corners across Dxun and the Czerka facility. Finding all 5 unlocked a secret elevator and the Codebreaker Title.

However a much more hidden secret in the Dxun raid can be found in the Office Complex’s that have been overrun with Trandoshan Hunters. In one of the empty corner offices with no relation to the main Quest on Dxun, you can find a photo of the Mutant Geonosian Queen attached to a desk holoprojector.

To this day it is completely unknown whether Czerka had any involvement on Ossus or if the mysterious Cipher was actually a Czerka employee travelling the Galaxy in secret and that this was their desk before Trandoshans slaughtered the entire facility.

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