The Galactic Championship Episode 2

Galactic Championship SWTOR TodayinTOR star wars the old republic

The Galactic Championship puts Ten of SWTOR’s Content Creators, Streamers & Veteran Players against each other in a cut-throat competion across 8 Episodes and over 25 Challenges.
In the episode, Contestants face off in Two standard Challenges and an Elimination Round where one of the Bottom 3 will be Eliminated!


Episode Two

Contestants compete across 2 Challenges this Episode with the Bottom Three falling into an Elimination. If anyone earns 0 Points they will be automatically Eliminated, saving the other two Contestants from potential Elimination.

Contestants must earn Points to determine their place on the Leaderboard. First place in a Challenge Gives 10 Points, last place gives 3. The Contestant that comes first in a Challenge earns 1 Bonus Point, anyone that does not finish a Challenge earns 0.


Galactic Championship SWTOR Stealth Scanner Challenge

Contestants have 15 minutes to traverse the entirety of Tatooine in the PvP instance with only a mere hint as to where Securobot the Stealth-Droid may be.

The Contestants must use AOEs to uncover the droid from Stealth as he could be hiding anywhere on the Planet though there is a serious Hint to give away his location, that is not safe for anyone!
The first Contestant to find Securobot earns 1 Bonus Point, any Contestant that does not find him in 15 minutes earns 0 points.


1 Zahk +1 Bonus Point

2 Xam Xam
3 KogASS_
4 Fredrick
5 Shintar
6 Remus
7 Intisar
8 Kat

Galactic Championship SWTOR Creature Carnage Challenge

Contestants have only 10 Minutes to score as many Kills as they can on Creatures. Kills made in a Group or with a Companion will not be worth any score unless they are part of a World Boss group.

Killing any regular enemy or silver is worth 1 score
Killing any Gold or Champion enemy is worth 5 score
Killing any Worldboss is worth 250 score
Killing any Rakghoul Event enemy is worth double their usual score.
Scores are tallied into ranking points to the nearest ranges of 5.

Score Points:

1 RemusGT 273 Kill Score +1 Bonus Point

2 Zahk
3 Intisar
4 Kat
5 Fred
6 KogASS_
7 Shintar
8 Xam Xam

Galactic Championship SWTOR Elimination Challenge Fetch Quest

Xam Xam, Shintar and Kat fell to the Bottom 3 and must now fight it out to Survive Elimination!

Fetch Quest: Elimination Challenge is a hard version of Fetchquest where all 3 must locate Sparkle Powder and use it on Kal who is hidden somewhere in the Galaxy.

This time instead of an image hint, all 3 Contestants have been given the key phrase “Damit I don’t want to lose!” as to where Kal may be located. The last person regardless of progress is eliminated.


1 Shintar
2 Xam Xam




Click on any Contestants icon to reveal their profile!

Fredrick Galactic Championship profile link
Scottys Beamin Galactic Championship profile link
IntisarNOR Galactic Championship profile link
Shintar Galactic Championship profile link
Kats Tales Galactic Championship profile link
Xam Xam Galactic Championship profile link
KogASS Galactic Championship profile link
Admiral Zahk Galactic Championship profile link
RemusGT Galactic Championship profile link


Kats_Tales is a Twitch Streamer who streams SWTOR, ESO and New World.
She plays on the US Servers in SWTOR.



The Galactic Championship is a passion project created on a budget of $2,000 USD paid out of pocket by Kal – TodayinTOR, for Artists and Editors. If you are a fan of the Series or TodayinTOR, please consider Supporting the Galactic Championship through the Discord or Patreon!
This is a non-profit Series, all funds raised will further go directly to the Artists and Editors including commissioning further talent.

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Xam Xam


Kal as Kal, Deflect Reflect
Emi’thiss as Securobot, Camera 1, Kal (stand in), PvP Hunter
??? as The Bounty Hunter
Orion as Camera 2, PvP Hunter, Extras
Catalithe as PvP Hunter, Extras


Scootftw – Animation & Art
Miyuki – Art & After Effects
Raven – Video Editor
Ava – Video Editor




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May the Force be with you ❤

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