Did You Know #101 – Mynock Cosplayer on Ruhnuk


Mynock is a famous Mandalorian Cosplayer known within the community for creating super high quality SWTOR themed cosplay props and helmets. He was first added to SWTOR as a Cameo Character during Chapter 14 of KOTFE 5 years ago in recognition from the developers.

Mynock returned to SWTOR in Update 7.2 in the main game storyline on Ruhnuk where he appears in the Mandalorian Battle Arena on Shae Vizla’s side, fighting Heta Kol’s Hidden Chain Mandalorians in a single blink-or-you’ll-miss-it scene.
In this scene you can see his in-game character NPC fighting around the Arena during the finale of the Story after the Arena has exploded into war after the Heta Kol vs Shae Vizla knife duel. He is even wearing the exact same custom outfit in-game that he made famous years earlier Online in his Cosplays as ‘Mynock the Black Mandalorian’.

Ironically nearly a year ago today, I posted where you can find Mynock in Chapter 14 of KOTFE when he was first added as a lore character to the game in recognition by the Developers.

Image Credit: MynocksDen.com

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