Ruhnuk Datacron Guide

This is a complete guide to earn the Ruhnuk Datacron in SWTOR. The Ruhnuk Datacron gives +10 Mastery to all characters in your legacy. It requires the completion of 3 small Relic Hunt Quests in order to obtain it as a Solo player as the final Quest gives a Temporary Buff that is needed to access the Datacron.

Ruhnuk is a level 80 planet that requires access to Legacy of the Sith and Combat is expected throughout all 3 pre-Quests, make sure you also have Temporary Hotbar turned on as some parts of the Quests require it. Having all Taxi & Quick Travel Points unlocked before starting also helps significantly.
If you have already completed all 3 Relic Hunt Quests, skip to the Ruhnuk Datacron below.

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Relic Hunt: Prototype Missiles

To start the Relic Hunt , pick up the Quest from the Datapad on the table directly next to the Quick Travel Point inside Mandalore’s Encampment base on Ruhnuk. I suggest unlocking every Quick Travel and Taxi point on Ruhnuk before starting as it will cut down the quest chains time to about 30 minutes.

Once you have started the Quest, your only clue will be to search and loot Ash’ad members. I suggest doing this inside the Quarry Facility tunnel network inside the Quarry area as it has a huge volume of Ash’ad NPCs to fight! The closest Quick Travel Point is the west-most Quarry Point.

You can tell which Hidden Chain enemies are Ash’ad by checking the “guild tag” under their names if you have nameplates enabled in your settings. Don’t bother going for Gold or Silver enemies, the drop chance is the same as killing regular enemies so it’s better to kill groups which you can find easily inside the Quarry Facility tunnels.


The looted Yellow Datapad gives us our next clue, a place overlooking the waterfalls. There is only 1 locations on Ruhnuk that matches that description so Quick Travel to the Dilapidated Waterworks.

Once you arrive at the Waterworks, head north and follow the road until you see a group of Agitated Irewings, roughly halfway between the cave entrance and the west-exit of the road. If you look towards the mountain where the Irewings are you should see a cave. Enter the cave and go up to the top.
Kaz Denko should spawn once you reach the top, all you have to do is kill and loot the Notes from his body.
If Kaz is not there or you stealth out and he dissappears, click the blue jetpack against the rock nearby to spawn him again.

Once you have his notes, Quick Travel to the Upper Overlook above the Quarry at the West of Ruhnuk and head North-East until you enter the Reclaimed Mining Facility from the Overgrown Mining Site area. Inside the Facility will be a lot of large Containers and Ventilation Shafts on the wall that are interactible. Do not click any as they may spawn hostile mobs to slow you down.
Instead head towards the furthest room East in the Facility and loot the Small blue Datapad on the groun next to the container.


From the datapad stay inside the middle of the Facility and head West until you reach the large Square computer room. Click the Network Computer inside to use Kaz Denko’s code.
Once that is done click the Green computer chip icon on your Quest Tracker or inside the Mission Items Tab in your Inventory to update the Quest.

Your Quest should now update and tell you to search Piles of Rubble in the Quarry. There is only 1 pile in the whole area that works.
Quick Travel from the Facility to the Quarry Quick Travel Point then jump down into the lowest point of the Quarry, it should only be a small distance away. After you are done digging some creatures may spawn and try to attack you.
Once you have killed them Quick Travel back to Mandalore’s Encampment and click on the Table you picked the Quest up from to Complete the First Quest!

Relic Hunt: Self Replenishing Stim

Click the same Datapad you first used to Unlock the 2nd Relic Hunt Quest. It can be tricky as you may accidentally click the Table instead of the Datapad.
You have to locate the body of Orm Kreg. You can Quick Travel to Outpost Delta and cross the bridge heading West, but it is faster to Quick Travel to the Upper Overlook on the East side of the Quarry and head East to the Overgrown Mining Site.
The body doesn’t appear until you get quite close to it, but it is slightly east of the bottom-middle tunnel on the Map under an archeway that is on a small ledge.

Once you walk over the body the Quest should update and give you a pair of Macrobinoculars you can access from the Quest Tracker or the Mission Items tab of your Inventory. You have to scan the body itself an 2 piles of rubble to the West of the body. If you stand to the West of the body, you should have enough range to scan all 3 without moving.


Once the scan completes, your Quest will update. Quick Travel back to Mandalore’s Encampment and click the large Evidence Computer behind the Reputation Vendor in the bottom-right corner of the base. It takes roughly 8 seconds to complete the progress bar.

The Scrabbler

When the Quest updates you will be asked to gather items needed to craft a Trap. Before you leave, our first item is in the glowing blue boxes North up the Tunnel from the main room we are currently in. Once you have looted a Durasteel Net from one of the glowing blue boxes, Quick Travel to the Dilapidated Waterworks to get the remaining 3 items.

At the Dilapidated Waterworks we can get all 3 of the last items we need. This will require killing Irewings, Dewbacks and an Ash’ad Beastmaster. I have found that Agitated Irewings and Juvenile Dewbacks have a higher chance of dropping the yellow items you need over other NPCs.
If there is no Ash’ad Beastmaster spawned at the bottom of the Waterworks, you can find more Beastmaster NPC spawns all around the bottom of the Quarry Map near the water.
If there are no Dewbacks in the Dilapidated Waterworks, head North-East through to the Verdant Ravina as that map section has many near the Quick Travel Point.


Once you have all the pieces together, Quick Travel back to the Dilapidated Waterworks and jump down to the lower-waterfall pond to the North of the Quick Travel / Taxi base.
From here you there are several big grassy nest sites, click on any of them to begin spawning the Scrabbler NPC.
Once you have clicked the nest the game will tell you to run for cover behind a Rock, any of the large Rocks highlighted on the Map with Quest Icons will do. Alternatively if the Scrabbler is already spawned by another player or alive you can go right up to them and skip this Quest Part.

When the Scrabbler spawns, make sure to Target them (Friendly NPC Nameplates Enabled helps) and click the Tranquilizing Shot skill on your Temporary Hotbar from a maximum of 30 meters away. This will stop the NPC moving for a short time.
Once the Scrabbler stops moving, go up to them and click the Retrieve Stimpack skill on your Temporary Hotbar while standing next to the Scrabbler.

Once you have looted the Scrabbler, Quick Travel back to Mandalore’s Encampment and click the second Display Table to Complete the 2nd Relic Hunt Quest.

Relic Hunt: Repulsor Unit

The Third and Final Quest you need to earn the Datacron! Click the same Datapad on the first Table you used to obtain the first two Quests.
You will need to obtain an Access Card and then use it on 5 Terminals placed around all of Ruhnuk.
Any Hidden Chain enemy on Ruhnuk of any difficulty can drop the Card as Loot so here is the fastest way to loop around all 5 locations ASAP.

The Fastest Route is:

Head out of Mandalore’s Encampment by the North Tunnel instead of Quick Travelling. Once you get outside head into the First tunnel that is immediately North and upon entering take the loooong hallway to the immediate-left. This will get you to Manifest Aurek very quickly and there are several mobs along the way, at least one of them should drop you the Keycard.
Once you have the keycard, head through the small Pipe and then follow the large hallways until you reach Manifest Terminal Aurek.


Once you finish Aurek. Immediately Quick Travel to the Quarry (not the Overlook) and Enter the Quarry Facility, there are multiple Terminal Besh’s you can use. The closest Terminal if you enter the Facility from the Quick Travel Point should be at the bottom of the North-Most Warehouse room.

Once Besh is complete. Quick Travel to the Overlook above the Quarry and head North then East until you enter the Reclaiming Mining Facility’s first entrance. From here the closest Terminal Cresh is inside of the same room you scanned Kaz Denko’s card on the big Network Computer during the first Relic Hunt Quest.
Once that is complete, head out the same way you came then go through the middle of the Overgrown Mining Site to the middle tunnel on the Bottom of the Map (near Orm Kreg’s body). The closest Terminal Cherek is on the corner of the first turn where you entered.

Once you have clicked on Terminal Cherek, only Dorn remains. Quick Travel to the Dilapidated Waterworks and head directly South and enter the Water Treatment Plant. From here keep moving through the corridors until you enter the first large hall. You can find the closest Terminal behind some large containers on the right-wall.

Once you have clicked Dorn, a Temporary Hotbar ability should pop up to Reconcile the Data Fragments, if it doesn’t, look for the same green-chip icon in the Mission Items tab of your Inventory and click it.
When complete, head back inside the Reclaimed Mining Facility by Quick Travelling to the Overlook above the Quarry like usual. We are looking for a specific Relic Cache to click and use.
There are Two of these Relic Caches in easy to reach locations, however I suggest clicking the one in the Middle of the Map because it is closer to the steps that come after.


After you click the Container, you will be ambushed by a Hidden Chain Thief. Make sure to kill them and not stealth out as they drop a necessary Yellow “Remote Detonator” item for the next step.

Now you will have to locate and loot 3 items across Ruhnuk. Wires, Explosive Compounds and Housing.
If you went to the Middle Relic Cache, there will be a Wiring Box for you to loot directly near the Relic Cache, just a meter or so North on the other side of the large box that the Relic Cache is hiding behind. There are also several others spread across the Mining Facility on the map below.

Once you have your Wiring, Quick Travel to the Overlook above the Quarry (Not the Quarry itself), and head North, then WEST along the very long scaffholding above the Quarry. Once you reach the cliffs on the other side, head further West and enter the Ruined Dig Site map where the Worldboss is located. There are 3 explosive canisters you can click to loot the Housing you need.
They are around the very edges of the Worldboss Arena so it won’t attack you if you enter.

Once you loot the Housing, Quick Travel back to the Overlook again and head North-East back towards the Facility again, on your way you may see some of the Volatile Lambro Cactus glowing blue. Head up to one of them and click without getting too close (so they dont explode) to loot the last piece you need, the Explosive Compound.


Now run back into the Reclaiming Mining Facility and Assemble the Explosive from the Quest Tracker or the Mission Items tab of your Inventory.

Head back to the Relic Cache and click on the Cache again. This time it should explode causing a small Datapad to fall onto the floor nearby. Click and loot it to gain your next Quest Clue.

Now you will have to find 3 Secret Stashes across Ruhnuk, it does not matter what order you do them in, the Datapad you are looking for will only appear when you click the 3rd stash after you have clicked the first two.
To find the Beast Pen Stash, Quick Travel back to the Quarry Overlook and head South along the cliffline until you can enter a Tunnel on your Left. Cross the large Bridge across the electric wall tunnel and then head to the Beast Pen the same way that you got to Terminal Aurek earlier. However unlike Terminal Aurek there are only 2 tunnels that are actually open to let you into the Beast Pen.
They have been marked in red lines on the map below.

The Second Stash is in the Water Treatment Plant. Quick Travel to the Dilapidated Waterworks and follow the same path you used to get to Terminal Dorn. You need to get to the very end room of the Treatment Plant and then jump down into the large water pit below without dying. The Stash is located ontop of some rubble at the very bottom of the large pit.

When you loot the second Stash, Quick Travel to the Deserted Tunnels (QT point next to Mandalore’s Encampment) and head upstairs. When you exit the bunker head directly South until you come to a corner of the map with a spikey rock. The 3rd and final stash is located behind the rock. When you loot it, a small datapad should pop out onto the ground to give you your next clue when you click it.


You must now explore the Galaxy to find your next Quest Objective. The hint is Diihara, a Quest-Giver on Mek-Sha that offers Daily Quests at the Tradehouse. Head to Mek-Sha and Quick Travel / Taxi to the Huttbreakers Compound where the Tradehouse is. Do not enter the Tradehouse, instead go to the Southmost Landing Platform and at the very end is a clickable Relic Cache.

Once you loot the Cache you will be ambushed by several Dar’Manda. After you kill them use the Repulsor Unit icon on your Temporary Ability Bar or found in the Mission Items tab of your Inventory.

Once you have used the Repulsor Unit item, travel back to Ruhnuk and Quick Travel to the Dilapidated Waterworks. Stand in the middle of the large metal circle on the base. You should get an emote notification saying that the Repulsor Unit is out of Power and needs to be Charged.

To charge the Repulsor Unit, Quick Travel to the Overlook and head South to enter the Tunnels. This time stand in the midle of the long Bridge with the electric walls on each side.
You have been given a pair of quest binoculars you can use in this location. You can use them by either clicking their icon on the Quest Tracker or the Mission Items tab of your Inventory. Regular Macrobinoculars do not work.
You need to scan several blue-coloured electric panels until you find one that works.

Once you have located a working box, close your Macrobinoculars by hitting the ESC key on your keyboard an then run over to the glowing blue box and click it.

Quick Travel back to the Dilapidated Waterworks and stand on the Circular Pad again, it should glow with a green beam when you stand in the center. Now a Temporary Hotbar ability should appear, click it to use the Repulsor Unit.
Once that is done, head back to Mandalore’s Encampment and click the 3rd and final Display Table to complete the Final Relic Hunt Quest!

Congratulations you’re now ready (on that character) to do the Ruhnuk Datacron!


Ruhnuk Datacron Guide

Once you have completed all 3 Relic Hunt Quests, you are ready to start finding the Ruhnuk Datacron. Make sure you have picked up the Repulsor Unit buff as it is required for one stage to reach the Datacron. To activate the Buff, click it’s table inside Mandalore’s Encampment.
The Replenishing Stim buff is optional but may be helpful as it increases your walking and jumping speed on Ruhnuk.


Finding the Lambro Puzzle

Now that you have the Buff, head to the Overgrown Mining Site, follow the bottom path until you reach the tree with 3 Tineback enemies hanging out near the water. You should find the secret entrance opposite the tree near the water.

Once you enter the cave head straight ahead, be careful for the Lambro (Cactus) as standing near them will cause them to explode and knock you back, which isn’t a problem now but can be later.
Inside the cave, head to the Left as soon as you see a Lambro against the right wall, if you keep going forward until you see a lamp and campsite you have gone too far.
Up the left path will be a brief jumping puzzle, follow the lights made by the blue mushrooms and yellow lanterns until you reach the Cave Exit at the top covered in Lambro.


From now on you need to be careful of exploding Lambro. They can throw you off the edge which means restarting. If you fall off too many times you may die from Fall Damage.

Once you reach the exit of the Cave, jump down and be careful. You will have to run across a ledge covered with Lambro until you reach the end of the mountain where you will find a Repulsor Unit Pad to use (remember the Buff!).
I found this section easier to Mount Up then run all the way to the end as the Lambro could not explode in time to knock me off the edge.

Once you get to the end you’ll find the Repulsor Pad, stand in the center until your Temporary Hotbar pop up with the Repulsor Unit buff. Click it to fly across the gap towards the Datacron!


The Secret Cave Puzzle

Now that you are across the gap. Head towards the Medical Droid. You may be ambushed by a group of Small Wraid enemies. From here on out if you die attempting the Datacron Puzzle you will respawn at the nearby Med Droid, meaning you do not need the Repulsor Unit buff.
Once you kill the Wraids, run towards the Med Droid until you find a hole in the ground between some boulders. Jump down to enter the Secret Cave.

Once inside the Secret Cave, you will be confronted with two paths, a dark path to the left and a path with a Cave Tendril enemy and blue light to the right. Go to the LEFT, the right path with the Cave Tendril and blue light is a dead end!

Once you have entered the Left Path, if you die at any time you will respawn at the Med Droid outside. Be very careful of the Cave Tendril’s as they put down the same Red Knock-Back Circles that the Lambro did. If you are finding it hard to see in the darkness, change your Graphics Settings to Ultra Low as it removes the dark filter in the room.

You need to cross the gaps by jumping on each side of a pit, some of them have Cave Tendrils which help if your class has a leap ability. Be careful for their Red Circle Knockbacks. You need to jump across all the “high” platforms until you reach the end. Do not be tricked by the last “low platform” before the end of the pit as you cannot jump up to the final ledge from it.
Generally you want to jump to any platform with green/blue plants or a Cave Tendril on it and keep away from any “low platforms”.


Once you finish the Jumping Pit, head out of the Cave until you reach the surface. Be careful as there is Lambro right outside the Cave exit that can throw you over the edge of the mountain causing you to restart.
Upon exiting the cave, turn around and climb up over the hole you came from, there should be a path packed with some Mandalorian enemies. Get past them to reach the Datacron!

Upon arriving at the Datacron you may be ambushed by one more Elite difficulty Mandalorian mob, once you finish them you can claim the datacron for yourself.


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