Did You Know #117 – How T3-M4 was made Canon


T3-M4, best known as Revan and the Jedi Exile’s loyal astromech droid from KOTOR 1 and 2 was officially Canonised twice in the same year! In a way.

T3-M4’s Droid model, most recognisable for the flat round head and slanted body and legs was first brought in to the new Canon in the ‘Lost Eggs of Livorno’, a short comic story that was released in the 2018 Star Wars Adventures comic on the 18th of April in 2018. While we see (pictured above) that this droid model is exactly the same as T3-M4’s, unfortunately the name is not. Instead the droid series is referred to as ML-08 or ‘Mel’ the maintenance droid for short.
ML-08 would return in several other comics, namely the 2019 Star Wars Adventures alongside Jaxxon Jackrabbit once again.

Several months after ML-08’s first appearance, Star Wars: Resistance would premiere it’s debut episode ‘The Recruit’ on October 7th 2018. In this episode and several more, the audience is introduced to T3-K10, a T3 series astromech droid that shares the same head as T3-M4 but the Body and Legs/Wheels of T7-01 from SWTOR.

image: wookieepedia

So while T3-K10 keeps the same astromech name continuity as T3-M4, it canonises the appearance of T7-01 instead, with the head of T3-M4 ontop.

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