Codex Lore #52 – The Nova Blades of Rishi



The Nova Blades were founded by the Zabrak Pirate Ralen Margok when he united several smaller Pirate Gangs that shared resources to hijack ships travelling along galactic hyperlanes. Eventually the Nova Blade’s Corvette, the Aggressor crash landed on Rishi when the pirates attempted to cross into the Rishi Maze.

Stranded for over a century, Ralen turned the Aggressor into the headquaters of the Nova Blades that now ran successful protection rackets and slave trading out of Rishi Cove.

Galactic War

After the Cold War had finally ended with the battle of Corellia, the Nova Blade’s were now under the control of Dael Margok, a descendant of Ralen. Their operations on Rishi had now fully expanded into widespread slavery across multiple islands as well as a reinfored village surrounding the Aggressor. It was during these years that Dael Margok was contacted by the Revanites in order to provide support for Revan’s eventual return, with the Nova Blade’s constructing large satellite jammers to disable communications between the Republic and Empire that would arrive in the future to fight the Revanites.

However the hubris of the Nova Blade’s would be their downfall, as when Lana Beniko, Theron Shan and other allied Heroes arrived on Rishi under the facade of a rival Pirate Gang, Dael Margok’s ego pushed the Nova Blades over the edge which lead to both the loss of Dael Margok and his lieutenant Donovarr.

With no leadership alive or taken captive by Jakarro the Wookiee and the allied Heroes, the Nova Blades fractured finally when Revan himself turned his back on the remaining forces.


Post Zakuul

Over six years since the loss of Dael Margok and the defeat of Revan, the Nova Blades would abruptly return to the Galaxy as a force to be reckoned with. This time they invaded the Republic world of Dantooine.
With initial backing by the Sith Empire, they were able to take control of the Dantooine Power Station on the surface of the planet as well as razing nearby crops and villages under the leadership of Yarvok.

Once their initial attack had succeeded, Yarvok betrayed the Sith Empire and attempted to use the Nova Blades control of Dantooine as leverage against the Republic and the Sith Empire in a three-way war for control of Dantooine. Unfortunately for Yarvok, Heroes from both the Republic or Empire located him within the Dantooine Power Station and chased him down.

Offering the Dantooine Reactor in exchange for a petty bribe of 15 million credits, the Heroes could have paid a bribe to his liason droid R0-B5U to save the Dam, likewise, they chased Yarvok down and defeated him, where he loudly proclaimed his escape to a Casino he now owned on Nar Shaddaa.

Since then the Nova Blades have recurringly been sighted Dantooine since, however what is left of the total galactic forces of this Pirate Gang is still yet to be seen.


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