Did You Know #72 – The Mek-Sha Orphanage


The Mek-Sha Home for Lost Children or ‘Mek-Sha Orphanage’ that we see in the Disorder Trailer is a turning point and origin of the paths that both Sa’har Kateen and her brother Ri’kan would eventually follow in Legacy of the Sith.
In the Disorder Cinematic we see Sa’har and her brother on the floor of the Orphanage being tested on the force by Jedi Master Denolm Orr, before he chooses Sa’har and takes her away with him to the Jedi Temple. Leaving behind an enraged and equally force sensitive Ri’kan.
However the Orphanage on Mek-Sha did not originate in this trailer.

The first ever Feast of Prosperity event released 2 years ago in 2020 featured dual storylines between Duuba and Gaboorga the Hutts. If you started the Duuba storyline and started the Feast of Prosperity Event Story Quest; A Dash of Kindness, you will be sent to Mek-Sha on behalf of Duuba to find a Chef that has gone missing.

After adventuring around Mek-Sha and completing the quest through various actions and diagloues, you will eventually recieve this in-game mail:

This letter is sent by Dirlid Bond, the Director of the Orphanage that Sa’har and her brother Ri’kan Kateen lived in as children before Sa’har was adopted by the Jedi Denolm Orr.

This letter pre-dates the Disorder Cinematic that introduced Sa’har, Ri’kan and Denolm Orr by 2 years.

Credit: Alt-aholic on Tumblr for the image.


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