Did You Know #118 – Hun Duo & Greepo


Nemro’s Palace Cantina is probably host to the most easter-eggs per square inch compared to anywhere else in SWTOR. However the most direct reference to Star Wars itself can be found at the back of the Cantina on a set of tables near the Bounty Hunter’s phase doorway.

At this set of tables, if you have nameplates for friendly NPCs enabled you can find the ‘Elite Quickshot’ Hun Duo leaning against a chair with a blaster concealed on his hip while he listens to the Rodian ‘Pistoleer’ Greepo argue with him at the table.
This is a direct and very non-subtle reference to the infamous ‘Han Shot First’ scene in A New Hope where Han Solo is interrogated by the Rodian Bounty Hunter Greedo, who he kills in the movie.

The only thing missing in the interaction between the two character’s on Hutta is a misplaced ‘Maclunkey’.


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