Did You Know in SWTOR #12 – The Nall Twi’leks


With the beginning of Galactic Seasons as an event in SWTOR, keen eyed users may recognise a familiar name. The Galactic Seasons token vendor on Republic Fleet features an NPC named Jaliet Nall.

Jaliet Nall bares similar clothing and a striking name and physical appearance to another Twi’lek, Janice Nall from KOTOR.

Janice Nall was a Twi’lek vendor that Revan encountered on Taris during the early parts of KOTOR. You may remember her as the droid seller that sells T3-M4, the beloved astromech to Revan.
During the events of KOTOR, she sold T3-M4 believing that Revan was picking up the droid on behalf of Davik Kang who worked for the Exchange.

It is unknown if Janice survived the bombing of Taris by Malak, however we could assume she escaped if Jaliet Nall of SWTOR is a direct descendant.

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