Did You Know in SWTOR #13 – Cyborg Rancor Mount


There are two Cyborg Rancor mounts in SWTOR, the Cybernetic Rancor and the Dread Enhanced Rancor.

The Cybernetic Rancor is a Cyborg Rancor with a green skin. You can find it in both SOLO and SOLO+ mode of the Eternal Championship minigame on Zakuul, so bringing a friend to help out can really boost your chances and time to complete each round.
The Dread Enhanced Rancor is the original Cyborg Rancor with red skin. However it is locked behind winning it as loot from the final boss of the Dread Palace raid on Nightmare difficulty.

For those not as raid inclined enough to smash the Dread Palace raid on the hardest difficulty, you have a small chance to be awarded the Cybernetic Rancor as personal loot, from ANY of the 10 bosses in the Eternal Championship.
While the raid can only be completed once a week due to boss lockouts, there is no limit to how many times repetitiously you can play the Eternal Championship in a day in both SOLO and SOLO+ modes, making it very easily farmable.

I obtained my very first Cybernetic Rancor about 8 months ago on the Breaktown Brawler boss (round 6) in SOLO+ mode farming in a duo with a friend and 2 companions. We were going for about 40 minutes and got it on our 5th run of the Eternal Championship.

A lot of people claim that the last boss has a good chance to drop it in SOLO/SOLO+ but I cannot personally say that I’ve gotten a Cybernetic Rancor loot drop on the last boss.

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