Codex Lore #7 – Kel’eth the Lightsided Sith


Kel’eth Ur was an imprudent Sith Lord that lived a thousand years before the Treaty of Coruscant. The Sith Lord was an avid practitioner of understanding both the Light-Side and Sith philosophy, which in turn lead him to an enlightened view of the Sith Empire.

Kel’eth through his understanding came to the realisation that the Sith drive for fear and passion were only temporary solutions to strength. He believed that fear and passion, while important driving factors to the Sith philosophy, were manipulatable and as such, would cause the Empire to twist in an eat itself rather then unifying as a strong, whole entity.

Unforunately for the Light Sith, the Sith Emperor found out about Kel’eth’s view of the light side of the force. Considering this a grave threat to the foundations Vitiate had built his Empire upon, he personally murdered Kel’eth and sealed his teachings, a holocron and visual image, deep within the Dark Temple of Dromund Kaas.

It would not be for nearly thousand years later that Kel’eth’s teachings would be discovered again by the Imperial characters on Dromund Kaas. Where the Imperial characters had been tasked by Sith Lord Alaric to go within the Dark Temple of Dromund Kaas and search for remnants of Kel’eth’s teachings.

Ultimately the fate of his holocron and teachings are undetermined, as it is unknown whether the Imperial characters tasked with finding Kel’eth kept the teachings for themselves or destroyed them in the name of the Empire.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Dromund Kaas Quest: Buried Power

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