Codex Lore #6 – The Last Lord of Urkupp


Ak’ghal Usar, also known as the ‘Last Lord of Urkupp’, was a male Dashade that has been kept alive in stasis for hundreds of years.

Prior to the events of SWTOR

Several hundred years before the Treaty of Coruscant, a cataclysmic event known as Cron Drift caused by Sith meddling lead to the complete and utter annihilation of the Dashade homeworld of Urkupp. Ak’ghal Usar himself was one of the only survivors of his now lifeless homeworld.

Blaming the Dark Lord Exar Kun, the Dashade left his homeworld and travelled across the galaxy, stalking the Sith all the way to Yavin IV. However, by the time he arrived, he found Yavin in ruins and only a small group of Massassi worshippers spoke of Exar Kun‘s ascension to the immortal afterlife as a force spirit.

So deeply angered by this, Ak’ghal Usar searched all over Yavin until he eventually came across the Temple of Sacrifice, a Sith Temple with an ancient device capable of tearing force spirits out of immortality and back into the mortal and killable realm.
The Dashade powered the machine, however he was stopped by a mysterious Sith with jet black eyes, who subdued Ak’ghal and imprisoned him in stasis ‘forever’ in a nearby cave.

23 ATC – During the times of the Odessen Alliance

An Imperial researcher by the name of Talos Drellik, who was working for the Alliance contacted the Outlander, and told them of a mysterious set of tablets located in the ruins of Yavin IV.

Investigating the tablets, the Outlander themself was able to unchain the stasis prison that Ak’ghal Usar had been kept in, and was given the opportunity to free the Dashade if they wished.
Ak’ghal Usar revealed to the Outlander that they had been overpowered by a Sith with jet black eyes whilst he attempted to use the Temple of Sacrifice.

It would not be until years later when the Outlander came face to face with the Sith with jet black eyes.
It was revealed as the Pureblood body of the Sith Emperor, also known as Tenebrae with eyes black as midnight. Tenebrae had been responsible for stopping Ak’ghal Usar.

Ironically, Revan during earlier years had attempted to use the same machine at the Temple of Sacrifice to cause enough damage to Yavin in order to kill Tenebrae‘s physical manifestation and failed. The same plan that the Dashade had attempted to use against Exar Kun.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Alliance Alert: Talos Drellik
Star Wars: The Old Republic – Alliance Alert: Ak’ghal Usar
Star Wars: The Old Republic – Echoes of Oblivion

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