Did You Know in SWTOR #11 – Looting Revan’s Lightsaber


Yep! Without dropping cash on the Cartel Market in SWTOR, you can earn an ingame hilt the same as Darth Revan’s. This lightsaber is the same hilt that Revan himself is seen using in the Foundry, Shadow of Revan and Echoes of Oblivion. This saber has been available in-game as a drop since release in 2011.

The most common and least difficult to obtain version is known as the ‘Vile Primeval Ardent Blade’. To obtain this lightsaber drop, you must either kill level 50 Elite/Champion mobs OR kill lootable mobs (of any level) as a level 50 player. I have farmed quite a few over the years so I can personally guarantee that this method still works (and if you do not want to farm, is usually much cheaper then Revans CM saber on the GTN).

The Ardent Blade is fully customisable in your Main or Offhand, including slots for all mods, crystals and tunings. Unlike the CM version of Revan’s saber, this one is fully illuminated (no grey core or unstable effect) and full width (non skinny) blade, the one caveat is that it requires Dark IV to equip on characters.


Known Drop Locations:
Security Chests on Corellia and Ilum.
Large Security Chests on Corellia.
Level 50 Elite and Champion mobs on Corellia and Ilum.
Level 10 Elite mobs on Dromund Kaas when playing at level 50.
Level 10 Elite mobs on Coruscant when playing at level 50.

I have personally obtained 5 in the last year:
1 from the GTN for 65mil credits.
2 from a Level 50 mob on both Ilum and Coruscant.
1 from a Level 10 Elite mob on Coruscant.
1 from a security chest on Corellia.

In the past I used to farm them on Dromund Kaas by killing level 10-11 mobs over and over and over for hours until they dropped the saber, which I would then sell on the GTN for hundreds of mil each.

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