Did You Know in SWTOR #10 – Scruffy Nerf Herder


To become a ‘Nerf Herder’ in SWTOR you need to earn the achievement ‘Who’s Scruffy Looking?’.
Completing this achievement will net you 3 Nerf Pets, the Title: Nerf Herder and the Nerf Art decoration.

To get there you need to find and feed 3 Nerf calves, found on Voss, Alderaan and Hoth, these can be done in any order.

Voss – Nightmare Nerf Calf:
Upon arriving on Voss, head to the Pelath-Ri Marches, and head to the co-ordinates X-175, Y–1060.
Within this tent you can find a datapad that will give you a 1 hour Voss buff to find the Nerf.

Now head to the Nightmare Lands. Head to the far-eastern end of the river and you should find a clickable plant at the co-ordinates X-2050, Y-210. Now that you have collected the plant, you just have to feed the Nerf calf.

Still in the Nightmare Lands, head slightly North to co-ordinates X-1795, Y-30. Here you should find several small calves around a bush, feed any of the calves the plant you picked up earlier.


Alderaan – Hill Nerf Calf:
Upon arriving on Alderaan, head to the Juran Mountains, you should be able to find a datapad laying on the snow covered ground at the co-ordinates X-1490, Y-670.

Head North to the Kaamos Territory, and make your way to the Lerantha Dam. Swim thru the water behind the Dam and climb the icy mountain side until you find the strange plant at X-1970, Y-2570.

Now you have collected the strange plant, head back to the Juran Mountains and to the main road that leads Fort Alde to Outpost Talarn, directly north of Outpost Talarn you should find some trees and bushes, housing the Curious Nerf Calves at the co-ordinates X-1930, Y-600.
Feed the plant to the Nerf to receive your Hill Nerf Calf pet.

Hoth – Arctic Nerf Calf:
Upon arriving on Hoth, head to the far north of the Glacial Fissure, at around co-ordinates X-80, Y–1070 outside an igloo tent is the datapad you need.

Now staying on the Glacial Fissure, head South along the Eastern roads of the map to the co-ordinates  X-970, Y-50 and you should locate a frozen plant. Unfortunately the plant has frozen over, so head down into the fissure and stand around any of the large exposed volcano mounds, on its dirt until you get a message saying the plant has thawwed (some do not work for some reason).

Finally, still at the Glacial Fissure, get out of the fissure and back to the surface, head to the North-Eastern corner of the map co-ordinates X-870, Y–280. Here you can find some Lost Nerf Calves cowering around some snowy boulders. Feed the plant to any of them to be given your Arctic Nerf Calf.

Once you find all three (on any characters) you will be given the title and stronghold decoration. You can repeat the above steps on any other characters to obtain more Nerf Pets for yourself.

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