Did You Know #30 – Izax and the Geth


Izax the Ultimate Devourer, or as he was known to Zakuul as the “God of Death” shares a lot of design similarities with another familiar IP created by Bioware, Mass Effect!

In SWTOR at least, Emperor Valkorion claimed to have slain Izax, earning him the title amongst Zakuulans of “Slayer of Izax”. However we know this not to be true as the Outlander and several allies actually destroyed Izax during KOTET’s War for Iokath update during the “Gods from the Machine” raid.

Those that are familiar with the Mass Effect series will most likely recognise Izax as something more familiar, in fact Izax’s entire appearance seems to be heavily inspired by the same “armadillo” design as the Geth Ships from the game series. Both Izax and the Geth ships feature the same skeletal structure, head: weapon and eye placement even down to the legs and tail.

It’s nice to see inspiration crossed between IP’s as it can bring a refreshing easter-egg like charm or acknowledgement to other series’ that share the same craft.

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