Did You Know #31 – Groupfinder SOLO Tab


In Legacy of the Sith 7.0, SWTOR changed the SOLO tab of the Groupfinder Activity Window to be a short list of 5ish locations a week.

In game update 7.0.1 Bioware went back on this decision and has fully restored all Heroic and Daily Areas that your character can play, however you can now only complete the [WEEKLY] 2 times a week in each area per character (down from 3).

The best feature of the SOLO window is that you can jump into ANY Daily Area or Planet with Heroics for free, you’re also teleported there instantly so there’s no need to travel via ship or with the galaxy window. All [Story] difficulty flashpoints you can access are also available to teleport directly into for play from anywhere in the galaxy and work with a group.
So jet around the galaxy for free, super fast using the SOLO tab of the Activity Finder, no more travelling back to your ship or running from spaceports.

The only time you can’t use the SOLO tab to teleport is if you are currently inside a quest phase or instance. Strongholds do work however.

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