Hidden Details in the ‘Deceived’ Trailer

I go over the background details and lore around the Deceived Cinematic trailer for SWTOR.

Hidden Details Chronologically

Our first detail comes in with Malgus arriving at the Jedi Temple, the blue Twi’lek following Malgus is his girlfriend and slave, Eleena Daru. The Jedi Temple guards in this scene are also wearing the TD-17A Talon Armor Set and are equipped with the Red Blade Sniper/Blaster Rifle.

Red Blade Sniper/Rifle
TD-17A Talon Armor

You can buy the armor set from Republic Fleet’s Adaptive Gear Vendor, the Sniper/Blaster can be obtained by completing the Hutta story of an Imperial Agent class.

The hallway that Malgus and Eleena stroll through appears to be this hallway from the Order 66 scene in Revenge of the Sith, given the pillar locations and the size/placement of the large Jedi statues in the background.

The Bounty Hunter that jetpacks to the roof and takes out the Jedi Temple guards is Shae Vizla, who features in the Shadow of Revan expansion before becoming Mandalore in SWTOR. The hologram she opens is of an “NR2 Gulley Jumper” a larger version of the “Rendaran-Class Shuttle” that we see in the game. The Aurebesh indicates that this shuttle was most likely stolen and the countdown drops below 20 seconds… until it will crash through the walls of the Jedi Temple.

In this scene as Eleena and Malgus come face to face with Ven Zallow, we see that all the Jedi in the cinematic are wearing the Valiant Jedi Armor Set, dyed primary green. Obtained through the Cartel Market.

Several Jedi jump down from the ceiling to surround Malgus, in the Knightfall Mission in Classic Battlefront 2, Jedi NPCs would spawn by falling from the ceiling during certain objectives. The last to drop down is actually a three fingered Rodian Jedi with a green lightsaber, one of four alien Jedi seen in the trailer.

As the Sith are revealed in the back of the crashed shuttle, there are several details to be found at once.
Firstly, all of the Sith are wearing the Eradicators Armor Set and Mask, they are also all using the Sorcerer’s Lightsaber. The Armor Set and Mask are obtained through the Cartel Market. Sorcerer’s Lightsaber is obtained as a choice from the Korriban Story for the Sith Inquisitor class.
In the yellow square of the above image, a Sith is posing like Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Soresu form.
The blue circle on the left is a Sith Trooper standing behind several rows of Sith.
The blue circle on the right is of the only Sith in the shuttle not wearing a hood over their mask.

Eradicators Armor Set + Mask
Sorcerer’s Lightsaber Hilt

As the Sith charge against the Jedi, we can actually see two separate groups of Sith Troopers taking position to shoot at the oncoming Jedi. Several of the Sith in the middle of the group are also all using Starkillers reverse grip stance as they charge into battle.

All of the Jedi in this trailer are using the Saber Savant Lightsaber, a common drop during the vanilla game story, or can be purchased on the Republic Fleet from the PvP weapons vendor.

There are about 12 or so Sith troopers arranged in a forward crouching line and a behind standing line firing upon the Jedi from behind the charging Sith.

The Sith in the foreground that gets kicked is not actually the first Sith to fall in combat in the trailer, about 1/2 a second earlier in the background (red box above) a Sith is cut across the chest and face by a Jedi using a green lightsaber.

In this scene Ven Zallow takes down two Sith Troopers. Whilst swinging behind him he manages to reflect a third Trooper’s blaster bolt back at him (pictured above), before twirling into a fourth Sith Trooper where the Jedi cuts the end off of his rifle before knocking him over. A quadkill all in 2 seconds.

This scene features the only other three Alien Jedi appearances in the Trailer. The Sith in the foreground runs over the chest of a Kel-Dor Jedi (circled in blue) before kicking a Rodian Jedi in the face (foreground). Between the Rodian and Kel-Dor is a third Rodian Jedi in the background (red box).

The Jedi Padawan Bengel Morr, antagonist on Tython to the Jedi Knight was also present during the attack, but was missing from the CGI trailer. You can read more details about Bengel Morr’s story here.

During the fight montage, we see several characters fulfilling SWTOR class archetypes.
Eleena Daru snipes and uses cover with dual pistols – Smuggler/Gunslinger
Malgus uses Force Choke, Force Push, Saber Throw and Leap – Sith Warrior/Juggernaut
Shae Vizla uses Death From Above and Flame Sweep – Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
Ven Zallow has a T7-01 companion and uses Saber Reflect and Force Push – Jedi Knight/Guardian

After Malgus executes 2 Jedi similarly to how we see Anakin execute Jedi on the security recording watched by Obi-Wan, he clashes blades with Ven Zallow. If you look closely, Malgus’s lightsaber is actually see-through in this shot, his left hand (bottom) is visible through the pommel and hilt which have turned transparent due to a render bug in the trailer shot.

In the final duel between Malgus and Ven Zallow, the Jedi is seen using the same Saber Savant Lightsaber throughout the entire trailer (pictured top).
However in the final close-up shot of the falling saber (pictured bottom), it changes to a custom silver-chrome metal and gold trimmed saber, which differs from the Saber Savant Lightsaber which features white and blue along the hilt.

As Ven Zallow falls, we see a shot of Coruscant on fire, the droids ascending the stairs to the Jedi Temple are Sith War Droid MK-2‘s. The attacking ships that fly through the sky sacking Coruscant are not actually Starfighters used by the Sith Empire, but rather a folded-wing transport shuttle seen within the game used by both the Republic and Third Party (Cartel/Pirate etc) factions.

Well, this was everything I was able to find and relate back to SWTOR by watching the trailer at .25x speed!

Thanks to Michael Jae on youtube for the inspiration from their original video.
Video image credits to Tor Fashion and swtorista for armor sets and weapon pictures.

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May the Force be with you ❤

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