Codex Lore #16 – HK-47s Droid Army


While I was researching the long history of HK-47 from KOTOR through to the Shroud in SWTOR, I went further into the Clone Wars era, where HK-47 lead a Droid Army in the Battle of Koseyet on Mustafar during the Galactic Civil War era.
Yeah, he made it to the era of Stormtroopers and Vader and kicked ass!

Far after the events of SWTOR, HK-47 commanded a Hammerhead Cruiser where he travelled the galaxy before crashing into the volcanic world of Mustafar. Over several millenia the ship lay dormant until it was covered by volcanic ash and rock until the Clone Wars.

Revenge of the Sith:
The CIS, arriving on Mustafar during the end of the Clone Wars, found the ship in an exposed tectonic plate an sent engineers down to recover HK-47, where upon reactivating the droid, went berserk and murdered several engineers and B2 Super Battledroids.
After the engineers managed to deactivate him, they were unable to successfully wipe his memory, instead they copied his design systems and created a HK-77 Battledroid that they hoped would turn the tide of the war in their favor. However, HK-47 himself melded his AI into the CIS computer system and sent the factory haywire.

Before the CIS could return Lord Vader arrived and slaughtered the CIS leaders on Mustafar.

Star Wars Galaxies:
Nearly 20 years later, roughly a year after the Death Star was destroyed, HK-47 was able to make contact with the outer galaxy and Spacers (the player characters of Star Wars Galaxies).
The Spacers met with the melded AI of HK-47, that instructed them to transfer him to a new location in an abandoned Droid Factory nearby, and after fighting through the factory, were able to successfully aid HK-47 in transferring back into his familiar body within the Factory.
HK-47 revealed to the Spacers that his new goal was to take revenge against all ‘meatbags’ that crossed him, and would now be using the Factory to assemble an army of HK-77 droids to do his bidding.


Escaping just in time, the Spacers made contact with Milo Mensix, a foreman of the Mensix Mining Facility atop HK-47s new territory and organised a strike against the droid.
Thus began the Battle of Koseyet on Mustafar.

As legions of HK-77 and special HK droids fought against the Miners on the surface across Mustafar, the Spacers returned and battled through the Droid Factory, destroying many unique types of advanced HK droids.
Eventually they came across a lava lake that served as the crowning arena for HK-47 and the two sides fought for some time before the Spacers took victory, seemingly destroying HK-47 once and for all.

It was only after returning to Milo Mensix for their reward did the Spacers receive a call from HK-47 that taunted them, claiming he was still alive and may return again in the future.

Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan
Champion of Mustafar – Quest Series – Star Wars Galaxies
Battle of Koseyet – Mustafar Planet – Star Wars Galaxies


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