Did You Know #76 – Tomb Raider of Rishi


Shadow of Revan doesn’t shy away from including a cheeky amount of easter eggs and references to other media. I even covered an entire section of the Rishi Cantina. Heck, the entire expansion is literally Pirates and Ninjas which was a huge online meme in the years before Shadow of Revan.

However one of the more blatant references found on Rishi is to the character Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games and movies. If you travel to Rishi and make your way to the Marketplace within the Traders Port main city of Rishi. You will find that the Treasure Hunting trainer surrounded by ancient stones and tablets is none other then Laiurea Crafyt!

While the name may be a little misspelled for copyright reasons, the character bears a striking resemblance to the Tomb Raider herself, down to the same hairstyle, outfit and weapons that Lara uses in both the mid 2000s videogames and Angelina Jolie movies.

If you want to see Laiurea Crafyt for yourself, you can find her in the main Rishi City at the Traders Port on coordinates X:873, Y:405.

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