Did You Know #19 – Shared Mob Tagging


With the release of 7.0 Legacy of the Sith, the folks at Bioware have given us a great feature that the game has been honestly long overdue for. Shared Mob Tagging.

What is Shared Mob Tagging?
Shared Tagging means that as long as you contribute to another players Mob Kill (by either helping them kill it or by healing them), you will also be given kill credit (in quests/achievements) and qualify for loot drops from the NPC once it is defeated. Currently you can share mob tags with both players not in your group and players of the opposite faction.

How does this help?
Some NPCs in the game have really long respawn times, some NPCs get stolen from you by people running past or popping out of stealth to grief, sometimes theres a full group or an opposite faction group killing an enemy so you have to wait it out for the next respawn. All of these little annoyances add up. This system really circumvents a lot of these issues.

  • Arrive at a worldboss and see it’s being killed? Join in.
  • Enemy faction player killing a Daily Zone/Heroic NPC? Help them out.
  • Player snipe an NPC or struggling but wont accept a group invite? Go for it.

You’ll be rewarded equally.

Are there any conditions?
Yes, currently the two mobs shared tagging does not work on are Dreadtooth of Section X and Ancient Threat of Yavin 4. These are two worldbosses that have conditional mechanics built around the group responsible for pulling them, ironically Named & Battlemaster Base Defenders have been left off this list.

As well as this, sometimes healing a player engaged in combat with a mob will not count the mob kill as a shared tag if the player you applied healing to did not gain a physical HP increase. To get around this I suggest throwing a single dot or basic attack on the mob before healing the other player.

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