Codex Lore #10 – The Shadow Syndicate


The Shadow Syndicate is an intergalactic crime gang that was originally led by Godoba the Shrewd, a Hutt magnate that owned the Club Vertica Casino and five city sectors on Nar Shaddaa.

During the Cold War the Shadow Syndicate bonded with multiple alliances with DX-TX of the DX Annihilator Network and Vaarko Tiyai the Cho’mash of the Nar Shaddaa Labor Alliance. This was a move orchestrated by the Sith Empire’s Agent Marho Vizhen, in which the Sith Empire planned to unite these forces against the Exchange whilst keeping them all as allies of the Sith Empire.

However as years continued and violence escalated, the Shadow Syndicate began to dwindle in both power and presence on Nar Shaddaa while the Exchange grew in power and turned the tides against them.

It was not until Fen Zeil, a notorious Duros criminal known as “The Shadow of the Underworld” hung up the life of dirtywork and set his sights on leadership instead. With the Syndicate in a state of weakness, Fen Zeil asserted leadership and reforged the organisation, increasing its power and influence across the galaxy.

Using his status, Fen Zeil has begun using the glory of the Shadow Syndicate to bolster it’s dominance by making alliances with dominating forces across the galaxy such as a partnership with the Outlander.

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