Did You Know #122 – Uprising Conquest Points Farm


There are many ways you can earn Conquest in SWTOR, however one of the most constantly slept-on CXP methods to hit your 100k Target is Uprisings! There are a handful of Uprisings, that when played at level 80 are quite soloable or duoable in both STORY and Veteran difficulty, taking no more then 20 minutes to 30 minutes to complete the entire Weekly.
These uprisings include: Firefrost & Fractured. Both of which have very little Boss HP and damage scaling between Story and Veteran. If you’re quick you can even complete either of them in under 6.5 minutes each!

The most important thing to know about Uprisings is that to earn the massive Conquest Point payout you have to be on the [WEEKLY] Quest as well as the Uprisings quest itself. Which you can obtain via the computer next to the Holotable/Heroic Terminal on Fleet, as well as the Uprising WEEKLY from the Flashpoint Weekly computer on fleet.

Uprisings are incredibly fast to start Manually as you just need to collect one from the Holotable on the Fleet and then click the Transport button in the Quest Tracker.
To exit uprisings quickly, click the blue Computer/Dataspike and it will teleport you, right back to the Uprisings Holotable on Fleet so that you can click another ASAP. You can absolutely play the same Uprising 3 times in a row to make things even quicker.

Make sure to pick up your Uprising Weekly in STORY or Veteran!

This means if you want 200k~ Conquest points on two characters, you can do one Weekly on each character and have 400k~ Conquest Points earned in under an Hour!
If you are a SOLO player, I recommend Firefrost in Veteran and Fractured in STORY.
If you are a Co-Op/Duo/Trio player I recommend Fractured in Veteran and Firefrost in STORY.
This is due to the timing change based on the HP scaling difference between Story and Veteran modes of each Uprising.

However you will need a Max 150% stronghold boost in order for the Weekly to go to 120,000 CXP before tallies added for each Uprising, netting a total of 200k after the fact.

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