Did You Know #39 – Sharing Weapons in Outfit Designer


While experimenting with SWTOR’s new 7.0.2 Weapons in Outfit Designer feature, I, like many others players came to the realization that you can continue to Snipe uninterrupted while you have a Blaster Rifle stamped into your active outfit!

Previously in SWTOR (any update before 7.0.2), if you used a Blaster Rifle in your combat weapon slot instead of a Sniper Rifle, while you could still use all of your abilities, your performance was nerfed.
Even if the stats were the same across both weapons, you would do 20% less damage simply due to having a mismatched weapon.
However with the game now only calculating the stats on your Combat Weapon Slot, you can continue to equip any Blaster Rifle you want as a Sniper class without any performance loss or ability lock at all.

There are actually quite a few Weapons Outfit combinations that work, and some that dont (such as using a Rifle on a Commando if equipping a Cannon). I have created a table below of the current Outfit Combinations and their effects on the Outfit Designer.

Table of Current Outfit Combinations:

First ChoiceSecond ChoiceOutfit Results
Operative ClassVanguard ClassOutfit Weapon Works
Commando ClassBlaster Rifle StampOutfit Weapon Disabled when using Assault Cannon
Sniper ClassBlaster Rifle StampOutfit Weapon Works
Mercenary ClassGunslinger ClassOutfit Weapon Works
Powertech ClassScoundrel ClassOutfit Weapon Works
Mercenary/Gunslinger ClassPowertech/Scoundrel ClassPrimary Weapon Shared
Second Weapon Hidden
Juggernaut/Guardian ClassSage/Sorcerer ClassOutfit Weapon Works
Sentinel/Marauder ClassSage/Sorcerer or
Juggernaut/Guardian Class
Primary Weapon Shared
Second Weapon Hidden
Shadow/Assassin ClassSingle Saber/Sword StampOutfit Weapon Disabled when using Dualsaber

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