Codex Lore #20 – Darth Bandon’s Head


Darth Bandon is one of KOTOR’s biggest villains, and the first Sith you meet in the game after he defeats Republic Hero Trask Ulgo during the tutorial.
Much time later, Darth Bandon would face off against Revan themself on Manaan where he would be defeated by Revan and his allies.

After KOTOR:
It was after Revan had left Manaan that a crazed Sith Cult recovered the lifeless body of Bandon on Manaan, where they removed his head and preserved it in a jar.
Hoping to use the force to summon his spirit via his severed head, the cult theorised rituals they could use to commune with Darth Bandon before they decided to reattach his head onto a new body. During this time the Jedi swept in against the Sith Cult and destroyed them, and Darth Bandon’s preserved head mysteriously vanished and was assumed lost for over 300 years.

During the events of SWTOR:
After the Smuggler (Player Character) recovers their ship from Skavak, they discover a woman named Risha Drayen aboard their ship. Risha Drayen was the daughter of Legendary Crime Lord, Nok Drayen, heir to the Royal Drayen bloodline.
Risha would team up with the Smuggler and together they would set their sights on the fortune of Nok Drayen and the Throne of Dubrillion. Aboard the Smuggler’s ship, Risha kept a trove of rare and ancient antiquities from across the galaxy, one of which she came into possession of was the preserved head of Darth Bandon in a jar.

During the Smuggler’s hunt for Skavak, they came across the Royal Museum of Alderaan, where the Museum Curator took interest in the head of Darth Bandon in exchange for information.
The Museum Curator took pride in assuring Risha and the Smuggler that it would be both valued and safe in an exhibit dedicated to the late Republic Hero Trask Ulgo of Alderaan.

It was rumored nearly a decade later that the head appeared at a private collector’s auction at the Tradehouse on Mek-Sha.

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