Did You Know #102 – Colorblind Display Mode

SWTOR has added 3 new Colorblind Modes to SWTOR that you can find at the bottom of the Graphics Tab on the Preferences Menu both on the games character menu and in-game.
While intended to be accessibility options for those with colorblindness such as Protanopia, Deuteranopia and Tritanopia, the overlay affects much more then just the UI elements but extends to the color grading of the entire game itself.

This can actually be used in a massively creative way to take amazing screenshots, videos and character alterations as the Protanopia option washes out many coloured light sources as well as the color red giving the game a heavier and greyer tone that removes a lot of harsh lighting and vibrant colours.
Likewise the Tritanopia option turns Blue skinned species such as Twileks and Chiss pink or purple instead, Yellow skinned species appear more Banana-Green.
Deuteranopia strengthens all blue tones and increases the bloom of all lights while greying out yellow and red tones in the World.

Using these 3 settings, you could very easily stage much more creative screenshots or cutscenes in various locations as many planets environments, skies, foliage and holo-signs change colour completely based on what Colorblind Setting you have enabled.

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