Rare Cartel Market Sale Items

SWTOR has a massive variety of Cartel Market items (thousands of them), however many armor sets, weapons and pets are incredibly rare and haven’t been seen for sale in several years or more. In Game Update 7.2, Bioware silently added a majority of these super rare Items to the back pages of the Cartel Market. This post will catergorise and show their preview images including Sales Price.

Armor Sets

The Gold Scalene, Season Professional, Experimental Pilot, Covert Pilot, Port Nowhere Mobster and Humble Hero are all considered rare armor sets as they do not frequently enter the rotation, with some armor sets like the Covert Pilot or Experimental Pilot only being seen once every few years.

Title & Pets

The Title: The Winter Warrior is being sold for 240 CC and is incredibly rare.

Likewise the Woodland Mewvorr pet hasn’t been spotted since 2016! and is now on sale for 240 CC as well.
The Mischievous Miniprobe, Devious Creep, M8-M0 & W4-K2 pets are also available for 240 CC each.


Sadly the Gamorrean Axe did not appear this rotation, however the incredibly rare Czerka CZX-4 Weapons all have returned individually, as has the CorSec Electrobaton, Kyber Assault Cannon an the TM-59 Blaster Pistol.

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