Did You Know #53 – Desler Explorer Mount


The Desler Explorer is a hidden and rare emerald/green colored Mount and one of the rarest Vehicle Mounts in all of SWTOR. To earn yourself a copy of this mount, you have to kill the NPC ‘Martinique Desler’. She spawns as a champion-quality sniper boss on the Upper Walkway Level of the main floor of the CZ-198 daily area.

If you head to this Upper Walkway, look at the map and find the road by itself headed South. Climbing the south ramp you will see a physical version of the Desler Explorer and next to it, Martinique herself or her Assistant. If she is not spawned, you need to kill her assistant, a Gand Scientist, over and over until she spawns in his place. The respawn time is about 5 minutes.

The Desler Explorer should be a 100% guaranteed drop from Martinique Desler as long as you are the first person to initiate combat against her or are in a group with someone that did initiate combat first, regardless of shared-tagging.

Be careful if farming the Assistant before Desler appears, if you farm the NPC for too long the games anti-farm mechanic may kick in and then refuse to drop the guaranteed Mount if Martinique appears. Alternate instances every 10 minutes or when you stop earning a single XP/Conquest Point from the Assistant as that means the anti-farm mechanic has triggered.

If you kill Martinique and she does not drop the mount, take a screenshot of your character visibly looting her and the loot window and create a support ticket or email support@swtor.com with your server, character+legacy name and attach the screenshot, support should grant you the mount as a drop.

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