Codex Lore #28 – Rakatan Star Fortress


Battalion Commander Tassar was one of Zakuuls brightest minds. She had been the lead architect of the Star Fortress project, planet-killer space stations capable of obliterating the world they orbited at a moments notice, powered by an internally isolated sun.

However, as the Eternal Empire began to falter to the Outlander and the Odessen Alliance, more and more Star Fortresses were destroyed across the galaxy. Fearing the consequences of failure at the hands of a newly appointed Empress Vaylin, Commander Tassar fled Zakuulan space with her devout followers and Skytrooper army to the ancient Rakatan homeworld of Lehon (Rakata Prime).

Here she constructed a new base atop a familiar Rakatan Village (the Rancor Handlers arena and Rakatan village from the Flashpoint: Legacy of the Rakata), and west towards the beach, began constructing a new in-atmosphere Star Fortress above the ocean. Hoping to use the ancient Rakatan’s own technology that they had constructed Star Forge’s with, Commander Tassar aimed to merge this technology into her own in order to create a self-repairing and sustaining, formidable Star Fortress.

However, while her construction and base on Rakata Prime outlived the Eternal Empire, where Vaylin had just been recently defeated by the Outlander, her construction would never see the light of day. The Odessen Alliances new “Eternal Alliance Recon Unit”, a crew of specially trained commandos, had made way across the galaxy and stormed the beaches.
It was in this battle that Commander Tassar, her Zakuulan Knights and army of Sky Troopers fell one by one to the EARU commandos and their leader, thus ending Tassar’s dreams of a new, Rakatan forged Star Fortress.

A later intelligence report filed by the EARU would determine that Commander Tassar had been tipped off to the location of Rakata Prime by the newly crowned Eternal Alliance themselves. Further investigations revealed that nearly every Uprising across the galaxy against the Alliance was all loosely connected. Many pieces of evidence connected them together from similar rare cybernetics discarded across each battlefield by the enemy, or transmissions sent to each ringleader from an encrypted source.

Whoever was in charge of instigating these seemingly unrelated rebellions across the galaxy still remains unknown, however suspicions lay within a high ranking member of the Eternal Alliance itself.


Uprising: Landing Party – Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion
Flashpoint: Legacy of the Rakata – Shadow of Revan expansion
Codex Entry: Alliance Intelligent Report: Commander Tassar – Uprising: Landing Party
Codex Entry: Alliance Intelligence Report: A Common Thread – Lore Codex
Codex Entry: Alliance Intelligence Report: A Cause for Concern – Lore Codex
Codex Entry: Rakata Prime – Flashpoint: Legacy of the Rakata

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