Did You Know #54 – Lady Dominique’s Lightsabers


Lady Dominique is the newest apex Operation boss in SWTOR, introduced in PTS 7.1 for the R-4 Anomaly Raid, you can discover her personal backstory and lore by playing the raid in Story or Veteran difficulty currently.
However one thing shown, not told, are her two unique Green-Core lightsaber colours.

Lady Dominique herself makes use of not one but two Lime/Light Green core and Green glow lightsabers that have their own special hilts in the R-4 Anomaly Raid. We also see in both the intro cutscene and gameplay that Dominique is able to physically draw energy into her own body from the Mass Shadow Generator, which causes her red power armor to supercharge green.

Within each of the palms of her hands are a power-coupling. Drawing the power of the Mass Shadow Generator herself, Lady Dominique most likely fueled the power of the Mass-Shadow Generator through her hands and into her lightsabers, turning their crystal and colour into a vibrant Green-Core hue as a result of their supercharged power.

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