Did You Know #123 – The Darksaber Black-Silver Crystal


While many players in SWTOR yearn for an official Darksaber, there has been a rare crystal for nearly 10 years that looks just the same as the Darksaber from the Clone Wars that you can earn by playing a few games of PvP a week!
It goes by the name of ‘Black-Silver’ and comes in a Box Set of 8 (eight!) Legacy-Bound +41 Crystals, 2 for each stat: mastery, endurance, critical, power.

Playing a PvP Season in SWTOR rewards you with up to 20 total PvP Tokens, previously you were required to play Ranked PvP to buy the Box Set. Now you just need to earn 12 PvP tokens playing one or more PvP Seasons and you can buy the Black Silver Box Set from the Giradda the Hutt on Fleet.
As PvP Seasons are unrestricted, you can earn the Black-Silver Box as both a Subscriber and a F2P Player, regardless of level.

PvP Tokens do not expire and as a new PvP Season just started you have 12 weeks to earn up to 12 PvP Tokens which is easily achievable by playing some Arena & Warzone weeklies within those 12 weeks.

If you want to brush up on PvP Seasons and look at their rewards (and how to earn PvP Tokens quickly to build your own Darksaber), check out my PvP Season 2 guide here:

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