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Here you will find a wide variety of Guides written for all skill levels of player based on Player vs Player content.

PvP Guides

PvP Season 2 Guide and Rewards

SWTOR PvP Season 2 ‘Piercing the Veil’ Guide complete with Rewards and Achievements.
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Arena PvP Gameplay Guide 2023

A guide covering the Tactics and Skills of Arena PvP in SWTOR, for all kinds of players looking to improve at PvP.
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Did You Know: PvP Specials

Game Tip #60 – Darksaber ‘Black-Silver’ Crystal

Construct your own Darksaber with the Black-Silver Crystal, how to earn the Crystal Set and it’s details.

Did You Know #112 – Hypergate Warzone Easter-Egg

The unnoticed changes that happen to the Ancient Hypergate Warzone as you play.

Did You Know #111 – The Party Jawa

How to earn the PvP Party Crasher Title and 3 achievements using the partying Jawa pet in SWTOR.

Codex Lore #39 – Fray Landing Base

How a legendary PvP Battle was immortalised in Star Wars Canon with this Memorial on Ilum.

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Galactic Seasons 4 & PvP Rewards

A look at the GS4 and PvP Season 2 Rewards available on the PTS for 7.2.1.
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