Rest and Restoration Secret Achievement Guide

How to earn the Rest and Restoration Achievement on SWTOR in the Voss: Interpreter’s Retreat location.
Assemble the perfect picnic in the Interpreter’s Retreat area.

Rest and Restoration Achievement Guide Voss SWTOR 7.3

You can earn the Secret Achievement: Rest and Restoration in the Interpreter’s Retreat area in Voss, 7.3 Old Wounds. To complete this Achievement you must be able to access the Gormak Cantina and have 2 empty Inventory Slots.


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Mission: Joint Efforts

Before you can start the Achievement, you must complete the Joint Efforts Mission found on the Help Wanted board in the middle of the Interpreter’s Retreat town. The Mission should take no longer then a minute or two and must be Completed in order to unlock another Quest that is required later.


Fermented Rhudik Tea

The first item you have to find is Fermented Rhudik Tea. It can be found in the Open World of the Interpreter’s Retreat and has a 5~ minute Respawn Timer. It looks like a blue Bottle that can be found ontop of Tables in the middle of the town.

There are 5 Spawn Locations the Fermented Rhudik Tea could be found at. Once you have looted it you are ready to find the Abandoned To-Go Order.


Mission: A Cantina in Crisis

Once you have Completed the Joint Effort’s Mission, you will unlock the A Cantina in Crisis Mission. If you already completed this Quest today, you can do it tomorrow or use another Character.
The item we need to loot is the Abandoned To-Go Order and can be found inside the Mission’s Instance.

Once you have started A Cantina in Crisis, go inside the Mission Instance, you do not have to complete the Quest, you just need to loot the item that can only be found inside the Instance.


Abandoned To-Go Order

When you enter the A Cantina in Crisis mission, look for a large Metal Bowl glowing blue. It can be found on one of the Tables or Bartops inside the Gormak Cantina. It can only be found inside the Quest instance and reappears every time you play the Mission again.

There are 5 common Spawn Locations the Abandoned To-Go Order can be found, pictured above. Once you have looted it you are ready to go to the Picnic Location.


Picnic Location

Once you have both item’s it is time to assemble your Picnic. Open your Inventory and click on the Tea or the Order to combine both into a Picnic Basket.

Once you have your Picnic Basket, go to the Picnic Location to the North-East of the Shrine of Contemplation in the Voss Wilds map of the Interpreter’s Retreat.


Once you have arrived at the Stone Balcony, kill any enemies nearby and then stand in the center of the stone floor. A Temporary-Ability bar should appear with a picture of a plate of Food. Click it and wait until your character finishes eating.

The Achievement will unlock once your character finishes eating!


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