SWTOR May the 4th GiveawAI Contest!

Design your own SWTOR Planet, Lore & Artwork and win 30 Days of Subscription, Thousands of Cartel Coins or a Mandalorian Cartel Market Bundle!


Join the Giveaway!

In this event you must Create your own planet in the Star Wars universe, complete with artwork, history, and other descriptions using AI. To a Maximum of 10 images and 1000 words.

There will be 2 concurrent Contests and you can participate in BOTH! One in English and one in German [DE]. You can enter both as long as you can write in English or German and send different submissions!

To submit your entry to the English, German or BOTH Giveaways, send your entries to: RemusGT#3009 on Discord before May the 4th!


English Giveaway!

The Prizes for the English (any SWTOR server) Competition include

  1. 30 Day Subscription to SWTOR
  2. 1000 Cartel Coins worth of Cartel Market items of YOUR choice!
  3. 450 Cartel Coins

You can also enter the German Giveaway Contest as well for a shot at:

  1. Mandalorian Cartel Market Bundle
  2. 2x Expensive Mounts
  3. 450 Cartel Coins

Until May 4th, you have time to create your own imagined planet set in the Star Wars universe. In addition to the planet’s name and artwork, something about the planet’s history should also be mentioned. This can include wars, cultures, architecture, politics, industry, and many other aspects. Topics such as flora and fauna and more are also welcome. References to all eras and characters from Star Wars can be made (e.g.: Clone Wars, Galactic Empire, or The Old Republic). The text does not need to be one flowing text. It is mandatory for the history though! Bullet points for other areas are allowed.

The images should be created using AI (such as BlueWillow or Midjourney Discord Servers). This can be achieved on the RemusGT community server using /imagine …. e.g. jungle planet. It is not mandatory to create this on “RemusGT” server.

Once you’re finished, send the text and images to RemusGT via DM. You can also voluntarily create a PowerPoint presentation or video, which can earn extra points for the presentation format. You must create something original and not steal any artwork!
It is allowed to participate in the English and the German event but both submissions must be different!


German Event/Deutsches Event

Preise: Tulak Hord

  1. Mando Rüstungsset, Waffe und Jetpack
  2. 2x Transportmittel/Mount
  3. 450 Cartel Code

Aufgabe im Detail: Bis zum 04. Mai hat man Zeit, um einen eigen ausgedachten Planeten, welcher im Star Wars Universum angesiedelt ist, zu erstellen. Zusätzlich zum Namen des Planeten, sowie Artwork, soll auch etwas über die Geschichte des Planeten genannt werden. Dazu können Kriege, Kulturen, Architektur, Politik, Industrie und viele weitere Aspekte zählen. Themen wie Flora und Fauna sowie weitere sind ebenfalls gerne gesehen. Es können Bezüge zu allen Zeitaltern und Charakteren aus Star Wars gestellt werden (z.B.: Klonkriege, Galaktisches Imperium oder The Old Republic). Der Text muss kein Fließtext sein. Für die Geschichte ist dies jedoch erforderlich! Stichpunkte für andere Bereiche sind erlaubt.

Die Bilder sollen mithilfe von AI (wie BlueWillow oder Midjourney) erstellt werden. Dies kann über dem RemusGT Community Server mithilfe von /imagine ….zb Dschungelplanet erreicht werden. Es ist kein Zwang, dies auf “meinem” Server zu gestalten.

Sobald man fertig ist, schickt man den Text und die Bilder per DM an RemusGT. Man kann auch freiwillig eine Power Point Präsentation oder ein Video erstellen, was Pluspunkte für die Form der Präsentation bringen kann.

Man muss etwas Originelles erstellen und darf keine Artworks klauen!


Contest Points and Examples

The contest will follow a grading system as follows, the more points you earn the higher your entries are to win the big prizes!

10 points maximum
+2 points for creativity/uniqueness
+2 History and Lore
+2 Variety of Artworks & Topics
+2 Form of the submission (presentation/video)
+1 Connection to the Star Wars Saga
+1 Authenticity (to Star Wars)


Youtube Video


The United Event Council, composed of RemusGT, Kal, Nero, and Spezi Nishizumi, will organize and judge this event.

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May the Force be with you ❤

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