Codex Lore #35 – Lady Dominique


Lady Dominique began her apprenticeship to Lord Renning on Korriban, the same master that trained Darth Malora. From the beginning Lord Renning already took more of an interest in Malora and her studies of genetic mutation over Dominique’s own work as an apprentice.
As the years progressed, Lord Renning was slain during the Republic Incursion on Korriban that had been orchestrated by the Revanites. In his wake, Both Malora and Dominique would form a rivalry, as the two competed against each other in biddings for resources and funding for their own scientific projects from the Dark Council. Eventually Malora was promoted to Darth and then during the years of the Eternal Empire, became a member of the Dark Council under Darth Acina, all the while Lady Dominique’s research continued to be overlooked and underfunded.

It would take some time until Lady Dominique made allies with another ‘overlooked’ Sith, Lord Kanoth.
Kanoth was an elderly Lord of the Sith whose own protégé, Lord Valeo had both been attempting for years to advance Sith Alchemy in order to expand their lives or become undying, as Darth Nihilus had done. This toll left Lord Kanoth in an elderly and frail state, as he relied more and more heavily on Sith Alchemy to keep himself alive. All the while his research on the topic had flown under the rader of the Dark Council and other Sith.

After the occupation by the Eternal Empire had been removed from the galaxy, Lady Dominique began renewed research on her works until her resources were uprooted and given to Darth Malora, who had recently began experimenting with genetic manipulation of Geonosians on the planet Ossus. This upheaval eventually lead to the total failure of Dominique’s research as all support for her work left.
That was until a mysterious crate of Sith Relics showed up, which Lady Dominique took under her possession. Hidden amongst these Sith Relics was an AI machine known as “ARIA” who made a deal with Dominique, ARIA would give her unlimited access to her files on Gravitational Anomalies, as long as Lady Dominique kept her secret from everyone.

Now with a revitalized ability to research, Lady Dominique and Lord Kanoth used this development to their advantage and were able to discover a massive gravitational Anomaly moving through space in the R-4 sector. Kanoth deduced using his obsessive knowledge of Darth Nihilus‘ history that this must be the Mass Shadow Generator, or at least a functioning segment of it from Malachor that has been flying across space for hundreds of years.

With this knowledge and the ability to validate their research thanks to ARIA, Lady Dominique was granted both fame and funding from the Dark Council to continue developments in R-4 to do with the Mass Shadow Generator.

It was here that Lady Dominique and Lord Kanoth’s fame devolved as their improvements upon the R-4 Anomaly Station grew warped and twisted by the Dark Side, growing their own cult they named “The Unmasked”. They severed ties with the Empire in an attempt to draw the power of the MSG for themselves. While Lord Valeo suffered an unknown fate, his senior Lord Kanoth grew dependant on a new organism, Nihrot as well as the power of the MSG to survive his old age.
Lady Dominique assimilated herself into a part of ARIA’s given AI technology, as well as the Mass Shadow Generator itself. Becoming more machine then woman, she was able to control the partially rebuilt yet highly unstable MSG and draw power from it in which she infused a great power upon all of ‘The Unmasked’ aboard the R-4 Station, turning them all into a hivemind of her own Thralls.

As the Station continued to fall into disrepair due to their recluse from the Sith Empire, Lady Dominique devolved into selling secret technologies given to her by ARIA on the black market to nearby smugglersin exchange for necessary supply drops via escape pods shot at the station, and no questions asked.
This would eventually draw the attention of both Czerka Corporation, the Empire and the Republic, that all saught to put a stop to Lady Dominique and the R-4 Anomaly once and for all.

Eventually sometime after the Sith Invasion of Manaan in 27 ATC, a Strike Team of heroes sent by Mex Briggam boarded the Station, who with the help from ARIA aboard the MSG, slaughtered Lord Kanoth and Lady Dominique moments before the Mass Shadow Generator went critical.


R-4 Anomaly Operation – SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith
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Flashpoint: Korriban Incursion – Republic Prelude to Shadow of Revan

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