Rakghoul Lore

Codex Lore #27 – The Muur Talisman

Discover how an ancient Sith Talisman was responsible for the Rakghoul Plague that would cause mass devastation for thousands of years across the entire Galaxy.

Codex Lore #37 – Wreck of the Stardream

Read the history of the ship responsible for reintroducing the Rakghoul Plague to the Galaxy in SWTOR.

Codex Lore #41 – Fate of the Outcasts of Taris

What happened after Revan helped Rukil lead the Outcasts to the Promised Lands of Taris, and the terrible fate that would befall them.

Codex Lore #50 – The Nekghouls of Taris

The origins of a group of Rakghouls that evolved to be powerful Dark Side Force users, and the Jedi Master that tried to redeem them.

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