Cartel Market Sale Part 2!

Everyone knows that theres a huge collections unlock and discount sale, but lets go over what we can find and some top picks! Part Two!

Click below to read the full expose and list of everything on mega-sale!

My top picks of the sale would be, Cavern Varactyl and Hssiss Mounts, the Mischievous Miniprobe* and the Graveyard and Beach decorations. Why these mounts? The Cavern Varactyl is very rare, only appearing once every few years for sale on the CM and the Hssiss due to its massively inflated GTN price.
While the probe isnt on sale, it too is rare because it is not in the Ultimate Hypercrate drop pool.
Finally, the individual grave/burial and beach themed decos because they too are quite rare and are frankly amazing looking decorations. But you must buy them all individually.

Lets look at EVERYTHING in the sale shall we?

Mounts on Sale:
•212cc Roche Widow, Tobus Alderaan Cruiser

• 225cc Vectron TM-22 Volo

• 440cc Aratech Ivory, Aratech Vengeance, Armored Tundra Ice Tromper, Corrupted Varactyl, Covert Pathfinder, Czerka Bobber, Dasta Emmissary, Deepstalker Acklay, Desler DA-5, Droid Sidecar, Equatorial Razoronn, Forest Raptor, Gurian Royale, Hyrotii Racer, Inferno Devourer, Landslide Assault Speeder, Lergo Provocateur, Longspur Sportster, M-4B Arrowhead, MSM JT-9 Jetpack, Military Uxibeast, Minas Iris, Moonlight Vrake, Morlinger Phantom, Oberle Banshee, Onyx Orobird, Orlean Fortune Hunter, Praxon Echo, Ravenous Womp Rat, Regal Tauntaun, Republic Guardian’s Dais, Scorched Chemilizard, Skybreeze Cutter, SoroSuub Perception, Terrorclaw Raptor, Ubrikki Crimson Skull, Vectron JM-13 Torrens, Vectron LW-1S, Walkhar Courser, Zakuulan Drifter

• 750cc AC-5 Broadcast Infiltrator, Advanced Scout Walker, Aratech Red Spirit, Aratech Rose, Arbor Makrin, Arclight Nova, Arctic Gundark, Armored Grassland Varactyl, Armored Vine Cat, Armored Woodland Varactyl, Ashfall Tauntaun, Bog Gladiopod, Cartel Hedonist Skiff, Cartel Luxury Skiff, Cavern Varactyl, Charred Koensayr Monocycle, Coastal Varactyl, Command Corsair, Corellian Stardrive Spark, Corellian Stardrive Stealth, Corrupt Acklay, Covert Stalker, Crystalcrag Monolith, Cyberclaw Vorantikus, Czerka CR-17 Incendia Speeder, Czerka T-18 Tactical Throne, Desert Mudhorn Mount, Devastator Hoverturret, Dune Sea Bantha, Dunecrawler Scyk, E-95 Dread Behemoth, Emerald-Scale Mantorr, Emissary’s Shuttle, Eternal Empire Command Walker, Eternal Warblazer, Firmament Tauntaun, Fork-Lift Walker, Frontline Gapillian, Gambler’s Skiff, Gnarls Manka Cat, Imperial Devastator, Infernal Vulptilla, Iokath Wyvern, Ivory Cheldu, Jan-Tan Dualray, Jundland Dewback, Jungle Gundark, KDY Mark-L Maintenance Lift, KDY Transport Skiff, Kukri Intimidator AN-21, Kukri Subjugator, M-35 Shadow, MSM J-37 Jetpack, Marsh Hunter Acklay, Meirm Moth, Minas Wasp, Morlinger Nighthawk, Oberle Siren, Opulent Dar’Manda Skiff, Orlean LE-5, Orlean Wastelander, Ragebound Monolith, Razalon FC-1, Rendili SF-3, Ridge Hunter Rancor, Rimefrost Whitefang, Royal Fyrnock, Savage Nexu, Savage Phalone, Scorched Dewback, Sienar PR-3, Sierra Grigna, Skirmish Zeldrate, Sky Cruiser, Snowstorm Assault Speeder, Speckled Manka Cat, Strategic Command Walker, Sunburst Vorn Tiger, Swamp Rancor, Swamp Slybex, TC-6 Voyager, Unrelenting Interceptor, Vectron Colette, Vectron Enforcer, Vectron Furrow, Vectron JO-1Y, Vectron Mynock Jetpack, Vectron Phantom, Vectron Predator, Vectron Ranger, Vectron Raptor, Vectron Vertica, Vectron WGF Veteran, Vicious Drakag, Vulptilla, WLO-RX1 Assault Tank, Walkhar Omen, Walkhar Trickster, Wetland Dewback, Zakkeg, Zakuul Overseer’s Dais, Zakuul Personal Dropship, Zakuulan Luxury Sidecar,

•1200cc Ambassador’s Meditation Hoverchair, Aratech Eclipse, Dark Side Hssiss, Dominator’s Command Throne, Holo-Rancor, Koensayr Dart, Scavenger’s Luggerwahl, Umbaran Spider Tank

•1750cc Cybernetic Varactyl

Decorations on Sale:
•40cc Ancient Jedi Decorative Tile, Ancient Library Chair, Cantina Bar Cabinet, Cantina Bar Set (small), Cantina Loveseat, Cantina Stools (basic), Decorous Cafe Table, Dejarik Table, Engineering Access Panel, Holo Sign: Cantina, Huttese Wall Sconce, Imperial Crate Pallet, Imperial Medical Bed, Imperial Wall Sconce, Life Day Small Potted Tree, Luxury Cafe Table, Luxury Hanging Lamp, Luxury Highback Chair, Luxury Hutch, Luxury Loveseat, Luxury Wall Sconce, Primeval Floor Tile, Primeval Torch, Primitive Dweller’s Banner, Republic Crate Pallet, Republic Starship Couch, Republic Wall Sconce, Spacer’s Couch, Spacer’s Kolto Tank, Spacer’s Supply Locker, Spacer’s Wall Light, Starship Chair (black), Underworld Starship Chair, Underworld Starship Couch

•50cc Life Day Snowglobe: Copero, Life Day Snowglobe: Dxun, Life Day Snowglobe: Mek-Sha, Life Day Snowglobe: Nathema, Life Day Snowglobe: Onderon, Life Day Snowglobe: Ossus, Life Day Snowglobe: Umbara

•55cc Ancient Council Bench, Ancient Monastery Bed, Appearance Modification Station, Arrangement: Cantina Lounge, Arrangement: Spacer’s Lounge, Cargo Bay, Casino Table (large), Ceremonial Torchlight, Galactic Trade Network (kiosk), Galactic Trade Network (wall), Guild Bank, Item Modification Station, Luxury Bed (black), Mailbox

•60cc Beach Ball, Beach Bonfire, Beach Towel (purple), Beach Towel (red), Beach Umbrella (red), Drink Bucket, Drink Cooler, Imperial Dignitary’s Rug, Imperial Supply Locker, Infected Tree, Leisure Beach Banner (wall), Prehistoric Workbench, Primitive Dweller’s Bed, Primitive Dweller’s Mantle, Red Carpet Aisle Runner, Republic Supply Locker, Thranta Trophy, Underworld Supply Locker, Underworld Traveller’s Rug

•62cc Poolside Recliner, Resort Suite Chandelier, Spa Meditation Shrine, Spa Water Planter

•65cc Life Day Ceiling Light (globes), Life Day Ceiling Light (icicles), Life Day Ceiling Light (stalactite), Life Day Pedestal, Life Day Fireplace

•75cc Statue of the Agonized

•85cc Art: Alderaan Landscape, Art: Approach to Oricon, Art: Hoth Starship Graveyard, Art: Kaas City, Art: The Reclaiming of Taris, Art: Underworld Casino

•100cc Small Jedi Knight Fountain Shrine, Small Jedi Master Fountain Shrine, Small Jedi Padawan Fountain Shrine

•120cc Banner: House Cortess (hanging), Banner: House Cortess (standing), Banner: Separatist Movement (standing), Rising Corpse Grave, Uncovered Grave

•200cc Ancient Sith Armor Rack, Damaged Zakuul Walker, Jedi Knight Fountain Shrine, Jedi Master Fountain Shrine, Jedi Padawan Fountain Shrine, Prehistoric Drumset, Primordial Hanging Light Fixture, Revanite Zealot

•250cc Altar of Skulls, Ancient Library Databanks, Commemorative Statue of Arcann, Commemorative Statue of Aric Jorgan, Commemorative Statue of Darth Malgus, Commemorative Statue of Gault Rennow, Commemorative Statue of Jace Malcolm, Commemorative Statue of Kaliyo Djannis, Lana Beniko, Commemorative Statue of Mandalore the Avenger, Commemorative Statue of Revan, Commemorative Statue of SCORPIO, Commemorative Statue of Shae Vizla, Commemorative Statue of Theron Shan, Commemorative Statue of Vette, Control Console: Tyth, Desert Monitoring Device, GEMINI Energy Pylon, Hot Spring, Illuminated Pylon, Iokath Conduit, Large Vivarium, Luxury Floor Chandelier, Massive Artillery Turret, Massive Ribcage, Medical Facility, Mek-Sha Concert Stage, Primordial Altar, Resort Hot Tub, Scorpion TK Weapon Rack, Senate Plaza Fountain, Skytrooper Recharge Station, Stele of the Lost Master, Toxic Pool, Tranquil Spa Fountain, Unstable Arbiters Dualsaber (Imperial Crimson), Unstable Arbiters Saber (Imperial Crimson), Voss-Ka Healing Shrine, Weapon Rack: Imperial Display Case, Weapon Rack: Republic Display Case

•288cc Alliance Fighter, Ancestral Graveyard, Arrangement: Executive’s Lounge, Arrangement: Throne of Enlightenment, Bounty Board Holotable, Carbonite Bounty (Hutt), Dread Fortress Portal, Dreaded Obelisk, Elegant Water Fountain, Eternal Flagship Command Console, Flesh Raider Camp, Fountain of Blood and Fire, Gree Sphere Lamp, Hex Field Combat Arena, Hunter’s Peak, Hunter’s Planning Table, Iokath Forge Lavafall, Krayt Dragon Skeleton, Large Ancient Burial Ground, Large Mining Drill, Mandalorian War Tent, Meditation Garden, Odessen Radar Dish, Pit of the Sarlacc, Planetary Holo Map (Copero), Planetary Holo Map (Ilum), Selkath Console, Senate Meeting Table, Starship Droid Display Case, Statue of Revan, Statue of the Righteous Jedi, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer, Voss Tomb Terminal, Yavin Combat Arena, Zakuul Dropship, Zakuul Knight Statue, Zakuul Fountain

•300cc Cantina Performers Personnel Bundle, Criminal Underworld Personnel Bundle, Mandalorian Clan Personnel Bundle, Underworld Patrons Personnel Bundle

•325cc Arrangement: Luxury Spa, Battledroid Display Case, Dark Eternal Throne, Eternal War Table, Iokath Superweapon Prototype, Massive Anti-Air Turret

•350cc Exotic Creatures Personnel Bundle, Imperial Personnel Bundle, Republic Personnel Bundle

•358cc Imperial Essentials Bundle, Republic Essentials Bundle

•375cc CZK Sandcrawler, Ossan Orrery, Republic ATV

•400cc Disguise Terminal: Cantina Dancer, Disguise Terminal: Hutt, Disguise Terminal: Wookiee, Radar Tables Bundle

•438cc Underworld Essentials Bundle

•550cc Force-User Personnel Bundle, Mandalorian Rebels Personnel Bundle, The Distant Worlds Decoration Bundle

•600cc Stronghold Cantina Decoration Bundle, Stronghold Utility Decoration Bundle

•650cc The Arneclin Masterpieces Bundle

•700cc Life Day Decoration Bundle

•750cc Cartel Slot Machine, Mandalorian’s War Camp Decoration Bundle

•800cc Imperial Fleet Penthouse Wallset, Republic Fleet Penthouse Wallset, Stronghold Spacer’s Decoration Bundle

•900cc Stronghold Luxury Decoration Bundle

•1000cc Sith Lord’s Artifacts Decorations Bundle

•1030cc Primitive Dweller’s Decoration Bundle

•1100cc Corporate Retreat Decoration Bundle, Deepwater Essentials Bundle,

•1150cc Alderaan Noble’s Decoration Bundle, Mandalorian Forge Decoration Bundle

•1250cc Imperial Arsenal Decoration Bundle, Republic Arsenal Decoration Bundle, Zakuul Penthouse Decoration Bundle

•1300cc 2017 Life Day Bundle

•1350cc Junkshop Decoration Bundle, Tatooine Arena Decoration Bundle

•1375cc Medbay Decoration Bundle

•1418cc Ancient Jedi Decoration Bundle

•1450cc Droid Workshop Decoration Bundle, Luxury Resort Decoration Bundle, Mek-Sha Decoration Bundle

•1500cc Exiled Mercenary Decoration Bundle, Hired Gun’s Journey Decoration Bundle

•1550cc Armory Decoration Bundle, Onderon Botanic Decoration Bundle

•1600cc Onderon Civic Decoration Bundle

•2300cc Mek-Sha Holo Signs Decoration Bundle

•3200cc Wampa Life Day Bundle

That’s the comprehensive list for this Cartel Market rotation!


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