Codex Lore #11 – Colonel Gallo


Colonel Wen Gallo was first introduced on Manaan during the Legacy of the Sith expansion. She is SWTOR’s and Star Wars’ first ever Basic (english) speaking Female Selkath.

Wen Gallo’s earliest times in the Selkath Military quickly made her a distinguished soldier and a steadfast militant. While her comrades suffered massive casualties during the Battle of Gwaria Trench, she refused to retreat, instead holding the line against Kolto Raiders attacking Manaan.
Taking every last trooper under her wing, she rallied them to use guerilla warfare tactics with hit and run strikes against the Kolto Raiders until the Selkath Military could reinforce her position.

After the Battle was over, the Selkath Military finally decided it was time to found the “Manaan Special Warfare Group (MSWG)”, with Colonel Gallo placed as Leader of the group.
As leader of this group, and for her actions during her earlier service, Gallo is now known as both a Hero and an advocate of the people all over Manaan.

While the Colonel has never taken a promotion, instead wishing to oversee the front lines of Manaan’s defence, she believes that off-worlders on Manaan serve to create problems for the local people and its export of Kolto across the galaxy.

During Legacy of the Sith:
Colonel Gallo teamed up with the aid of the Republic and possibly the Outlander in order to defend Manaan and it’s Kolto supplies from Sith Empire raiders wishing to undermine the planet and take the resources for themselves.

Unfortunately both Arn Peralun and Gallo, were taken hostage by the Sith Empire during the invasion and while Arn escaped, her true fate lies unknown. The MSWG hangs in suspense, potentially without its leader.

Rumor has it on the Imperial Story for Manaan, you can find an imprisoned Arn and Gallo before the Republic story takes place, in which you can save or abandon Gallo.

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