Codex Lore #15 – The Voss-Ka Steps of Harmony


According to the Codex, while many Off-World visitors believe the ‘Steps of Harmony‘ to be a beautiful viewing point to see Voss-Ka, the native Voss actually use the platform to enact justice by casting off criminals and lunatics to their death into the Valley below.

Those that are deemed to have committed “grievous” crimes by the Voss’ own proclaimed “simple” standards are “encouraged” by the Voss people to be cast from the end of the platform known as the ‘Steps of Harmony’.

The Voss view the ones that are cast off as restoring order as those ordered to take the jump are deemed too ‘deviant’ to fit within Voss Society, ergo removing the unwanted. Despite its dark overtones, the Voss do not view it as a place of execution, rather a powerful symbol of their culture; as they believe there is no greater punishment then being forcibly exiled from Voss-Ka forever, however many bumps the offender hit on the way down.

Steps of Harmony Location – Voss-Ka City – Voss
The Step of Harmony – Codex Entry

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