Codex Lore #29 – Eleena Daru


Eleena Daru was a Rutian(blue) Twi’lek that was a chained within the slave pens of Geonosis until a young Darth Malgus rescued her. She would then act as a servant and companion to Malgus (still named Veradun at the time) and the two would fight against the Republic across numerous battlegrounds.

Sometime later, Malgus would be promoted and abandon his birth name of Veradun for the moniker of Darth Malgus. During this time the pair had become lovers in hiding, a relationship that Malgus intended to keep hidden.
Years later Eleena would follow Malgus without back-up into the heart of the Jedi Temple during the Sacking of Coruscant where she fought bravely against the Republic and Jedi until Jedi Master Ven Zallow knocked her unconscious by using the force to smash her against a stone pillar (visible in the trailer).
This action enraged Darth Malgus, fearing his lover injured, he fueled his emotions into his rage, which empowered him to kill Ven Zallow with renewed strength.

After the Sacking of Coruscant had ended, Eleena Daru awoke in Medical treatment where she was recovering. Darth Malgus and Lord Adraas visited to check on her health and at this moment the Twi’lek called Malgus by his birth name of Veradun, which enraged Malgus infront of Lord Adraas, which she understood put a wedge within their relationship.
After multiple medical treatments, Eleena argued once more with Malgus, where she confessed that she loved him and could still see the good within him.

Planning to leave the planet, she made way to the Liston Spaceport on Coruscant however at the same time Aryn Leneer (apprentice of Ven Zallow) and the Smuggler Zeerid Korr also planned to use the same spaceport to escape the Sith attack on the planet. Darth Malgus found out about the spaceport and rushed to intercept the Jedi before they could find Eleena.

At the spaceport, Aryn Leneer had subdued and planned to kill an unarmed Eleena Daru, in retribution for Darth Malgus’ murder of Aryn Leneer’s master Ven Zallow. However the two briefly spoke of Malgus and his person, realising that Eleena had been wronged by Malgus, Aryn Leneer spared Eleena’s life, knocking her unconscious.

Darth Malgus would soon arrive and fight Aryn Leneer, but let her go as she had spared Eleena. After Aryn fled, Malgus contemplated, realising that he had allowed the attachments of others to dictate his emotions which clouded his mind.
Seeing these emotional bonds as attachments that would weaken him, he waited until Eleena Daru awoke, before driving his saber through her heart, killing her.

Malgus would not forget the attachment he had to Eleena Daru even after killing her, constantly feeding off of the pain for many years to fuel his anger for the dark side.


Deceived Trailer – Star Wars the Old Republic
The Old Republic: Deceived – 2011 Novel by Paul S Kemp
Eleena Daru blurb on

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