Did You Know #58 – SWTORs only Krayt Dragon


Across SWTOR, you can find many Krayt Dragons all over the game, from planets such as Tatooine to Corellia, Mandalorian flashpoints and even as decorations for your own stronghold, there’s just one problem. They are all dead.

However there is a single, living Krayt Dragon that appears only once within a Story Quest in the game.

If you play the Sith Inquisitor storyline on Nar Shaddaa, you will eventually meet Destris and Rylee who help you form a cult against Lord Paladius. As you progress the storyline you will eventually come to the quest “The Big Show” where you must interrupt Lord Paladius’ rally and kill his Krayt Gang guards. After this quest part ends you will be asked to meet Destris and Rylee at the Strell House on the Upper Promenade of Nar Shaddaa.
Upon arriving, enter the first main hallway and look at the left-sideroom, you should see several NPCs surrounding a large jail-like container (pictured above). If you go up to this container you can see a Juvenile Krayt Dragon and a small pile of dung behind the bars.

Upon finishing the cutscene conversation with Destris and Rylee, the quest will complete and continue to “The Final Act”. Before you leave the Strell House, this will be the one and only time you can see the Juvenile Krayt Dragon, once you leave the Story Phase you never return to this location again.


Image credit to GameolioDan who was the only person to get a video showing the Krayt Dragons cage on the internet.

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