Did You Know #68 – The Rarest NPC in SWTOR


Vald Inosp is a character in SWTOR that you have probably never seen, let alone heard of despite being found in a common location on Korriban.

Infact Vald Inosp is most likely SWTOR’s rarest NPC, as he does not respawn when killed by a player. The Fallen Jedi can be found hiding next to the Red Matrix Shard Datacron in the open of the Tomb of Tulak Hord on Korriban. Here he stands next to the Datacron, twirling his lightsaber and using Jedi force powers against the Datacron, such as gusts of air or throwing rocks similar to a Jedi Sage.

The reason for his rarity comes from the fact that when he is killed by a Player, he does not respawn. The only way to find Vald Inosp is by logging in and being the first one to reach him after a Server Update or when a New Instance of Korriban is created by the game.

This is the only video on the internet of Vald Inosp, by Notherar

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