Codex Lore #54 – Amity



Amity was a Human born sometime during or before the Cold War, he was inducted as a youngling into a Selonian Enclave as he was alone and without parents, as such Amity learned to speak fluently in Selonian instead of Basic.
Amity’s armor is also reminiscent of Selonian Battle-Armor, forged from the same bronze and brown colours and patterns as traditional Selonian royal and battle armors found throughout Corellian history.

During these years he came to realise his Force-Sensitivity that came to him as visions and premonitions of the future and events close to his life, though the Selonians were unable to understand or interpret it with him.

Eventually in his time with the Selonians, Corellia was attacked during the First battle of Corellia that marked an end to the Cold War in 13 ATC. Amity joined the Republic Military to help defend his homeworld from Sith occupation and found a position under the leadership of Sull Caxe, a Republic Military Veteran.
Sull would eventually betray his squadron, including Amity during a turning point in the Battle which lead Amity to lose faith in the Republic temporarily.
It would also be at this time that Amity sustained severe injuries to both his face and body from explosions and blaster fire, which gave him a dependancy on his Cybernetically enhanced armor for the rest of his life.

Messengers of the Cold Moon


After the Battle of Corellia, he searched the Galaxy for his place as a Force-Sensitive as his visions and premonitions had grown in strength. He had already grown a deep hatred for the Sith Empire due to their attack on Correllia, especially the Sith Overseers that would allow their own to die during training.

He would eventually find himself temporarily amongst the Jedi, however Amity found himself rejected by the Jedi for being labeled as ‘too old’ by a single Jedi Master, for which he considered a deeper offense then that of the Sith Empire.

As he continued to roam the Galaxy, he discovered the Messengers of the Cold Moon, a relatively unknown Force-centered Group of those wishing to understand the philosophy of the Force whilst rejecting both the Light sided Jedi and Dark sided Sith.

Amity was given a special Pilgrimage by the Elders, leaders of the Cold Moon. A quest to follow his Visions and his own interpretations of free will to discover his place in the galaxy. Upon returning he would be joined into the group.
Until now Amity had his birth name, upon joining the Cold Moon and passing the Pilgrimage, he would be given then honorific name of ‘Amity’ as he began his new life as a Messenger of the Cold Moon.

Amity would roam the galaxy in an attempt to locate pieces of scripture on the Force from a variety of locations and religions, sending them back to the Cold Moon for study by its other members.
However the betrayal of Sull Caxe continued to weigh doubt heavily on Amitys mind over the next decade, as his visions intensified to a point where he could no longer ignore the injustice that had befallen him and his Republic Comrades during the Battle of Corellia.

Searching for Peace


Amity would find himself on Alderaan over 10 years later since the Battle of Corellia, and was discovered by the Outlander (player character) during a point of reflection and meditation. The two teamed up and Amity would escort them across the galaxy from Voss to Ilum in an attempt to cleanse Dark-sided incantations that had corrupted Wells of the Force across several planets.

Deciding to place his trust in this individual, Amity’s interpretations of his visions against Sull Caxe grew and he asked the Outlander for both help and advice on how to deal with the mental doubt surrounding the problem.

The pair would make their way to Corellia where the Outlander advised Amity to focus on his past and relive the moment through the Force to gain a new outlook on the situation. From here Amity uncovered a tether through the force to the planet Nar Shaddaa where they would hunt down and locate Sull Caxe.

It is not known whether Amity and the Outlander let Sull Caxe go, arrested him or killed him in the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa, however Amity would prefer to let the situation go without any more bloodshed. With the situation resolved and Amity finding his force visions at ease, he thanked the Outlander aboard their personal starship where he remained in deep meditation, occasionally asking them if they had any information he could take back to the Cold Moon for study.


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Amity flavour dialogue aboard personal starship
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