Galactic Championship Episode 1

Galactic Championship SWTOR TodayinTOR star wars the old republic

The Galactic Championship puts Ten of SWTOR’s Content Creators, Streamers & Veteran Players against each other in a cut-throat competion across 8 Episodes and over 25 Challenges.
In the debut episode, Contestants face off in Two standard Challenges and a Bonus Challenge before one will be Eliminated!


Episode One

Contestants compete across 3 Challenges this Episode with the Bottom Three falling into an Elimination. If anyone earns 0 Points they will be automatically Eliminated, saving the other two Contestants from potential Elimination.

Contestants must earn Points to determine their place on the Leaderboard. First place in a Challenge Gives 10 Points, last place gives 2. The Contestant that comes first in a Challenge earns 1 Bonus Point, anyone that does not finish a Challenge earns 0.


Galactic Championship SWTOR Fetch Quest Challenge

Contestants have ten minutes to locate a Green Item and find Kal hidden in the Galaxy only using a screenshot as a clue to where he could be. Upon finding Kal the Green Item must be traded to him to secure their final place in the challenge.

Access to the Login Rewards, Collections, Cartel Market and any pre-existing Green items in a players Inventory/Crafting Bag or Cargo/Legacy Bay are not allowed.
The first Contestant to find Kal earns 1 Bonus Point, any Contestant that does not find Kal in 10 minutes earns 0 points.


1 KogASS_ +1 Bonus Point

2 Fredrick
3 Zahk
4 Intisar
5 RemusGT
6 Xam Xam
7 Shintar
8 Kat

9 Scotty (DNF)

Galactic Championship SWTOR Friend Finder Challenge

Contestants have ten minutes to manually earn, loot or quest to get their own Pet. Pets from Vendors, Collections/Cartel Market, Already Owned or Giveaways/GTN are not allowed.

The first Contestant to return to Kal earns 1 Bonus Point, any Contestant that does not obtain a Pet in 10 minutes earns 0 points.


1 Zahk +1 Bonus Point

2 Intisar
3 RemusGT
4 Fredrick
5 Shintar
6 KogASS_
7 Kat
8 Xam Xam

9 Scotty (DNF)

Galactic Championship SWTOR Clone Wars Challenge

The final Challenge to decide the Bottom 3 Elimination Challenge and see if Scotty can be saved from automatic Elimination is at hand. Contestants have Unlimited time and 10 Million Credits spending money to create a Clone Trooper Outfit. Contestants with “no helmet” Species are excused from wearing a Helmet but must still buy one.

A good Clone Trooper Outfit earns 10 points, an okay one earns 7 Points, a similar Outfit earns 5 Points and a Bad Outfit earns 0 Points.

1 Zahk +10 Bonus
2 KogASS_ +10 Bonus
3 Xam Xam +10 Bonus

4 Shintar +7 Bonus
5 Intisar +7 Bonus
6 Kat +5 Bonus

7 Fredrick 0 Points
8 Remus 0 Points
9 Scotty 0 Points



Click on any Contestants icon to reveal their profile!

Fredrick Galactic Championship profile link
Scottys Beamin Galactic Championship profile link
IntisarNOR Galactic Championship profile link
Shintar Galactic Championship profile link
Kats Tales Galactic Championship profile link
Xam Xam Galactic Championship profile link
KogASS Galactic Championship profile link
Admiral Zahk Galactic Championship profile link
RemusGT Galactic Championship profile link


ScottysBeamin Scottys Beamin Galactic Championship Contestant SWTOR

Scottys Beamin was eliminated in Episode 1 with a total of 0 Points gained in the Galactic Championship.



The Galactic Championship is a passion project created on a budget of $2,000 USD paid out of pocket by Kal – TodayinTOR, for Artists and Editors. If you are a fan of the Series or TodayinTOR, please consider Supporting the Galactic Championship through the Discord or Patreon!
This is a non-profit Series, all funds raised will further go directly to the Artists and Editors including commissioning further talent.

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Xam Xam


Kal as Kal, Deflect Reflect
Emi’thiss as Securobot, Camera 1, Kal (stand in), PvP Hunter
??? as The Bounty Hunter
Orion as Camera 2, PvP Hunter, Extras
Catalithe as PvP Hunter, Extras


Scootftw – Animation & Art
Miyuki – Art & After Effects
Raven – Video Editor
Ava – Video Editor




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May the Force be with you ❤

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