New Decurion gear hits the PTS.

The all new Decurion gear added today to the PTS looks like a more advanced version of Onslaught’s Sha-Tek gear.

It starts out at an item rating of 318 and costs 10 commendations and 16.5k credits a piece. This shouldn’t be too hard to obtain as completing weekly Conquest on the PTS as of right now awards 200 commendations a week.

Decurion comes in the one appearance for all class styles and name archetypes (bulwark, pummeler, force-lord etc). There also appears to be an Upgrade vendor right next to the NPC that you buy this armor set from, however I was unable to interact with it on the PTS.

All around this is a nice generic looking set of armor for baseline levelling gear for the expansion and I hope the higher tier sets will have different appearances.

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