Obtaining level 80 setgear – Technological Advancements Quest

The quest Technological Advancements is a gear upgrade vendor quest you can pick up at level 80 from the Fleet by Lonndar Eadwinn in the gear section. To complete the quest you must gather 100 “charges” of activity points. You must complete Personal Conquest, FP/Ops in groupfinder, FPs in any difficiluty mode, Kill Ops bosses in any difficulty mode, play unranked or ranked PvP OR complete WEEKLY quests in daily areas and planet heroics.

Once 100 charges are obtained you can speak with him again to unlock the setgear vendor SN-4RK

It took me roughly Personal Conquest, 5 Veteran Flashpoints and completing the Veteran Flashpoint weekly to earn 100 charges on the PTS. While mathematically this adds up to 84 charges not 100, perhaps there are other numbers or bonuses not listed in the Questlog.

Completing the mission unlocks SN-4RK, a vendor selling every setgear for 7.0 in the form of Implants.
Each setgear implant is Bound to Legacy and has a running cost of:

100 Medals of Commendation
6,500 Tech Fragments
20 Aquatic Resource Matrixes
25,000 Credits

You can buy any setgear from him for any class for this cost and it seems to be unlimted use.
However only characters that have completed his quest will be able to see the SN-4RK vendor.


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