Codex Lore #1 – Altuur Zok Adon


Altuur Zok Adon, the companion given away during Galactic Seasons 1: The Stranger from Kubindi has unique dialogue when first interviewed on Odessen by an Inquisitor class character.
The Kubaz claims to have attended an Alderaan art gallery where he found art inspired by the duel between Thanaton and the Inquisitor.

Later during the Galactic Seasons track you could obtain an “art cache” decoration from your stronghold, that when opened, gives a codex entry explaining how Altuur is an avid art collector and has collected art pieces that take place over the lore of the earlier game stories.

He also worked as a top broker for the Shroud Syndicate years ago but broke away to do his own thing, years later he would run in with Fen Zeil aboard the Outlanders personal ship after Fen Zeil attempted to settle a feud with the being responsible for shooting out his eye. Turning out to be a simple misunderstanding, Altuur apologised for the grief he unknowingly caused Fen and the two settled their differences one way or another.

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