Cartel Market Sale Details!

Everyone knows that theres a huge collections unlock and discount sale, but lets go over what we can find and some top picks!

Click below to read the full expose and list of everything on mega-sale!

My top picks of the sale would be, Revan Reborn armor, Humble Hero, Character slots, Vented Lightsaber, the 2017 Life Day bundle and the Noble Councilor armor set! Each of these I chose because the value for money compared to the GTN costs is an absolute steal. Vented Sabers, Revan armor and the rare Humble Hero usually go for a billion credits these days. Character slots are always good to have and the 2017 Life Day bundle contains snowtacular flair for a great price.

Lets look at EVERYTHING in the sale shall we?

Armor Sets on Sale:
•210cc Eradicator Mask, Trophy Hunter Mask, Resplendant Crown of Avarice

• 250cc Sly Operator Armor, Rass Ordo Helmet, Unfettered Trench Coat

• 400cc Mask of Nihilus

• 450cc Arctic Trooper Armor, Zayne Carrick , Atton Rand , Huttsbane Armor, Ceremonial , Darth Sion , Squadron Leader Armor, Relnex Armor

•500cc Revealing Bodysuit, Exar Kun , Intelligence Agent, Bestial Fanatic, Mandalore the Ultimate, Resolute Guardian, Exiled Knight, Nimble Brawler, Guerilla Tactician, Voltaic Vandal, Wartime Ambassador, Jarael, Karness Muur, Canderous Ordo, Rohlan Dyre, Renowned Duelist, Taskmaster, Distinguished Warden, Euphoric Corellian, Frontline Slicer, Revered Seer, Outlander Scavenger

•550cc Fortified Defender, Corellian Pilot, Elite Gunner, Force Disciple, Darth Skotia, Charged Interrogator, Force Apprentice, Naga Sadow, Enhanced Assailant, Unburdened Champion, Reaver’s Armor, Revanite Avenger

•600cc Humble Hero, Stalwart Protector, Sith Raider, Clandestine Officer, Interstellar Privateer, Valiant Jedi, Malevolent Interrogator, Sanctified Caretaker, Heartless Pursuer, Restored Columi Smuggler.

•720cc Exiled Master, Thana Vesh, Manalorian Clansmen, Ardent Oracle, Frenzied Warrior, Enigmatic Operative, Esne Fanatic, Artifact Seeker, Loyal Adherent, Calo Nord, Black Vulkar Swooper, Zakuulan Knight, Thexan, Calculated Mercenary, Gold Scalene Armor, Dark Legionnaire, Amended Mystic, Resourceful Engineer, Mandalorian Hunter, Series 808 Cybernetic, Shrewd Rascal, Zakuulan Inquisitor, Revanite Champion, Triumphant Predator, Ajunta Pall, Primeval Stalker, Darth Malak, Visas Marr, Battlefield Commander, Cassus Fett, Secret Agent, Reclusive Master, Expert Outlaw, Mandalorian Tracker, Saul Karath, Horizon Guard, Jolee Bindo, Apex Sovereign, Alliance Reconnaissance, Mira Armor, Last Handmaiden, Mandalore the Preserver, Port Nowhere Mobster, Dark Advisor, Distinguished Warrior, Jedi Strategist, Charasmatic Mandalorian, Wicked Huntress, Dark Marauder, Revered Master, Resilient Waren, Freeland Hunter, Exterminator’s Armor, Cybernetic Pauldron, Covert Cipher, Remote Outcast, Cutthroat Buccaneer, Patient Defender, Resort Swimwear, Force Pilgrim, Forgemaster Armor, Reconstructed Apprentice, Outer Rim Officer, Impulsive Adventurer, Wild Smuggler, Exiled Padawan, Pragmatic Master, Festival Dress, Wayward Voyager, Je’daii Warrior, Lab Technician, Winter Outlaw, Discharged Infantry, Deeo Cover Operative, Relentless Insurgent, Nathema Zealot, Enigmatic Hero, Eradicator’s Armor, Shadow Disciple, Dathomir Shaman, Steadfast Master’s Robes, Shikaakwan Royalty, Recon Trooper, Sith Cultist, Sensuous Dress, Frontline Scourge, Jedi Survivalist, Bold Hellion, Tython Highlander, Gifted Shadow, Imperial Bastion, Commander Vizla, Wasteland Crusader, Chaotic Force-Master, Noble Councillor

•825cc Dark Interrogator, Temple Guardian, Tempest Warden, Fieldtech Gunner, Tactical Ranger, Ruthless Oppressor, Darth Malgus Armor

•1000cc Covert Energy Armor, Tythian Disciple

•1050cc Sinister Warrior, Tribal Champion, Mythosaur Hunter, Malgus Reborn, Dashing Rogue, Tau Idair’s Armor, Sith Recluse, Infamous Bounty Hunter, Unrelenting Terror, Ruthless Scion, Mandalorian Stormbringer

•1150cc Havoc Squad

•1300cc Jedi Knight Revan, Cyber Agent, Furious Gladiator, Onderon Guardian, Holoshield Trooper, Bionic Raider, Sovereign Executioner, Crimson Talon, Shae Vizla, Tulak Hord, Xoxaan Armor, Satele Shan, Merciless Seeker, Callous Conqueror

•1500cc Revan Reborn Armor Set.

Item Modifications on Sale:
•1080cc Dread Seed Weapon Tuning
•1260cc Galactic Command Tuning

Mounts on Sale:
•750cc Emissary’s Shuttle

Weapons on Sale:
•3060cc Defiant Vented Lightsaber

Unlocks on Sale:
•300cc Server Character Slot

That’s the comprehensive list for this Cartel Market rotation!


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  1. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.


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