Codex Lore #17 – The Fate of T3-M4


T3-M4‘s journey continued both between Kotor 1 and 2, as well as far after Kotor 2 itself, perhaps even into SWTOR.

Between the events of Kotor 1 and 2, T3-M4 and Revan flew to the planet Nathema hoping to uncover the secrets of the real Sith Emperor (Tenebrae). Unfortunately as they arrived they were shot down by Darth Nyriss and Lord Scourge (yes the Knight companion), the Sith then captured and took Revan away, leaving T3-M4 behind with the Ebon Hawk alone.

The astromech spent a long period of time repairing the Ebon Hawk by themself before they were able to fly their way back to the galaxy. Unable to find Bastila Shan, T3-M4 tracked down Meetra Surik (the Jedi Exile) and rescued her and Kreia and managed to get them to Peragus.

After the events of Kotor 2, T3 and the Exile met Bastila and Revan’s son ‘Vaner’ on Coruscant. Bastila handed T3-M4 a hologram of her and his son to deliver to Revan after he was rescued from Nathema.
T3-M4 took the Exile aboard the Ebon Hawk and the two travelled to Nathema where they managed to rescue Revan and turn Lord Scourge to their side.

With the four arriving on Dromund Kaas, Revan and T3 rushed into the Sith Emperor’s throne room.
As Vitiate fought Revan, the Emperor unleashed a torrent of force lightning that knocked Revan down.
In a last second attempt to save his life, T3-M4 set Vitiate on fire, engulfing his robes in flames.
The Emperor panicked and ignored Revan, enough time to save his life, however it would spell doom for T3 as in an act of vengeance, Vitiate rose his hands and obliterated T3-M4 with the force, fragmenting the protocol droid into millions of pieces.

Just before Jedi Knight players come to the throne room themselves in SWTOR, they were able to find a separate side chamber containing a destroyed protocol droid. In years past this used to contain a full set of companion gear for T7-01, now it serves as background detail as companion gear is no longer a game feature.
Many players headcanon/roleplay this destroyed astromech as being the remains of T3-M4.

The Old Republic: Revan – Novel by Drew Karpyshyn
Quest: Doomsday – Jedi Knight Origin Story Act 3

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