Codex Lore #53 – Braden the Bounty Hunter


Treaty of Coruscant

Braden’s first known mission was that of a Bounty Hunter, who had previously worked with the Trandoshan Qyzen Fess. However after the Sacking of Coruscant by the Sith Empire, Braden had been enlisted to hunt down a Wookiee loyal to the Sith Empire known as Dalborra.

Finally locating the Wookiee on Dantooine, Braden was moments away from engaging the enemy when he was contacted by Commander Gin Lesl of Republic Special Forces who called off the hunt. Debating against her, she informed Braden of the newly signed Treaty of Coruscant and that killing Dalborra may be considered an act of aggression against the newly formed Treaty.
When Braden refused to stand down, Lesl commanded a Republic ship to fire a barrage of concussion missiles at Braden, which ultimately knocked him out.

Dalborra would find the injured Braden and take him captive.

Capture by the Empire

Imprisoned aboard a Harrower headed for Korriban. Braden’s fate was interrupted when the Harrower began to attack a Republic Shuttle known as the Envoy, taking Jedi Master Dar’nala hostage.
The two would be placed in nearby cells, where Braden witnessed the constant torture of the Jedi Master as the Empire attempted to torture her for false information in order to guilt her into admitting that the Envoy attacked the Sith Empire first.
Too weak to escape on her own, she used the Force to free Braden from his prison on the condition he would escape to Coruscant and tell the Jedi and Republic of the Sith Empire’s deception to which he agreed.

Escaping the Harrower in a stolen Sith fighter, Braden eventually made his way to Coruscant where he agreed to tell the Jedi Grand Master Zym and Satele Shan of what had unfolded between the Sith and the Envoy & Dar’nala.


Killing the Grand Master of the Jedi Order

Arriving at the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Braden hid within the ruins as he witnessed the Republic Commander that had attacked him on Dantooine was engaged in conversation with Grand Master Zym. Unable to let go, he fired a shot from a nearby pillar and killed her. This caused Grand Master Zym to draw his lightsaber and place Braden under arrest.

The two engaged in a short skirmish all the while Braden still intended to deliver Dar’nala’s message. Unfortunately Grand Master Zym would use the force to push Braden against a stone pillar. The force of the knockback caused Braden to discharge a rocket, which directly impacted the Grand Master, killing him.

With no witnesses, Braden was unable to deliver Dar’nala’s message and warn the Republic of the Sith Empire’s actions. Moments later a bomb placed by Imperial Agents would explode within the Republic Senate, influencing Braden to leave the planet even faster.

Much later on Nar Shaddaa, Braden would be captured by the Jedi Knight’s master, Orgus Din, who had tracked down Braden under the assumption that he was responsible for the Senate bombing. Instead Braden told Orgus of the Imperial attack on the Envoy and Dar’nala’s story.

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